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Backpacker Radio

Jun 1, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Gossamer Gear founder Glen Van Peski.  We learn all about the origins of Gossamer Gear, including how the company would not be in existence today without the founder of Whole Foods.  We learn about some of Glen's proudest gear innovations, including the crotch pot.  We walk about how he's able to manage a three pound base weight, future gear innovations in the world of backpacking, and much more.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of Leonardo DiCaprio movies, Jabba gives us an impromptu lesson on scrotums from the Hayduke, and we bring back one-minute gear reviews.

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Interview with Glen Van Peski


QOTD: What’s the strangest thing you’ve done in the last week? 

00:11:09 - Backpacker Radio is going to Wisconsin in October!

00:12:40 - Listeners, are you close to Wisconsin? Do you want to come see us? Let us know where? 

00:14:30 -Welcome Glen Van Peski! 

00:14:52 - How did you originally get into backpacking? 

00:15:58 - Are you still  in Massachusetts?

00:16:47 - Can you give us a run through of your notable backpacking trips? 

00:17:57 - What is the typical length of your backpacking trips?

00”18:21 - What began the foray into making your own gear?

00:20:07 -  At this point did the lightbulb go off that there was a market opportunity? Or were you just sewing for yourself? 

00:23:07 - How quickly did you sell through your first 50 packs? 

00:23:57 - What was your full time job at that point? 

00:24:40 - Do you remember what the run of 50 packs cost you?

00:25:40 - Can you walk me through the initial scaling of the business? What happened after the first 50 packs? 

00:28:03 - What is your day-to-day involvement at this point? And was it called Gossamer Gear? 

00:29:15 - What year was it at this point?

00:29:59 - It sounds like you were hitting you stride right when credit card processing became a thing? 

00:31:22 - Is the G420 the same as the original G4? 

00:32:26 - How collaborative are cottage gear companies with each other? 

00:34:30 - Can you talk more about the evolution from GVP Gear to Gossamer Gear? 

00:40:20 - What is your involvement today? 

00:41:21 - Is the cooking  system you’re working on the Crotch Pot? 

00:43:11 - Can you share the story of your gear choice during  your hike in the High Sierra? 

00:46:27 - Did the weight sitting lower on your body change the way your muscles reacted? Were you sore in different places? 

00:46:57 - Was there anything you left out to make that volume work? 

00:48:50 - How do you get under 3 pounds for your base weight? 

00:51:22 - How would you describe your interest in UL backpacking? 

00:53:25 - How much Gossamer Gear stuff are you using on your hikes? 

00:54:09 - Can you walk us through the inception of The One? 

00:55:11 - What challenges did you run into with the DCF version of The One? 

00:57:33 - Can you explain what DCF is and outline some of the feature benefits of the fabric over all? 

00:59:28 - What is Oxford?

00:59:33 - Do you  think DCF is worth the rage? Is it overhyped or properly hyped? 

01:00:55 - Do you see any fabrics in the pipeline that could be as disruptive as DCF? 

01:03:14 - What is in your go-to first aid backpacking kit?

01:04:50 - Why do you think you are interested in being of service to others? 

01:06:00 -  Is this something that translates to your life over all? Outside of backpacking? 

01:09:54 - What are some of your favorite non-Gossamer Gear gear choices? 

01:11:40 - Can you speak truth to the fact that there are people who buy The One as a two-person tent? 

01:15:28 - What is the oldest piece of gear that you backpack with today? 

01:16:26 - Your sleep socks haven’t gotten holes? 

01:16:48 - Are we going to see the 6 oz tent in the Gossamer Gear store soon? 

01:17:58 - Do you see any gear that will be mainstream in thru-hiking in the near future? 

01:18:51- Do you use your tent stakes as chopsticks? 

01:20:50 - Do you  have any other gear redundancies?

01:22:44 - Any parting words to the backpackers of the world?

01:23:33 - Is there any part of you that craves luxuries while backpacking? 

01:25:05 - Where should people go find you? 


The Best Time of Year to Hike These 23 Popular Long Trails by Eloise Robbins

Triple Crown of Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

Call with Jabba! 

  • What are questions women have about men but are too afraid to ask? 

1-Minute Gear Review 

  • Chaunce - Book Stand 
  • Zach - Hoka Challenger ATR 6

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