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Sep 14, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are bringing you another edition of the wildly popular Girl's Stuff episode.  Chaunce, Sauce, and guest panelist Lavendar share their experiences on a wide array of topics related to being a female backpacker, including safety tips when in the backcountry solo, hygiene regimens (or lack thereof), dealing with intense levels of horniness on trail, and much more.  

We wrap the show with a pair of new segments- "things guys want to know about girls but are too afraid to ask" and "ambushing Zach with women's anatomy flashcards". 

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Interview with Chaunce, Sauce, and guest panelist Lavender

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:10 - Treasure Hunt: Find Zach’s socks to win a green juice travel pack from Organifi and a new pair of socks. Check out instagram for sock location!  

00:05:52 - QOTD: What’s your favorite part of being a lady backpacker?

00:09:53 - Introducing Lavender

00:12:30 - What tips do you have for hiking alone and staying safe? 

00:15:59 - Can you address how you’ve felt safety-wise, while backpacking?

00:24:54 - Lavender, what was your solo travel experience prior to the AT?

00:25:22 - How do you answer the question ‘Are you hiking alone?’? 

00:27:27 - Elise, how do you assess whether someone is a danger to you or not?

00:30:38 - Have you ever hiked with groups or individuals you’ve met online?

00:33:32 - How do you get a significant other more comfortable with sleeping outside? 

00:35:18 - How do you overcome the fear of sleeping alone? 

00:37:37 - Any recommendations for curly hair when you’re on trail? 

00:39:48 - Are cleaning wipes necessary? 

00:41:05 - Is there a specific brand of cleaning wipes you’d recommend?

00:42:41 - How do you approach your skincare routine on the trail? 

00:43:26 - What was your hygiene routine the first few days on trail vs. the last days? 

00:46:03 - Have any of you used the backcountry bidet? 

00:47:33 - How is the pee rag? 

00:50:57 - How do you deal with coochie stink? 

00:55:13 - Would you shave your head before a thru-hike? 

00:56:42 - What is an undercut? 

00:57:50 - How do you pee in a bottle without a cone?

00:63:01 - Do levels of horniness ever compare to levels of hunger on the trail? 

00:66:13 - Is the trail a good environment for someone who is especially horny? 

01:08:33 - Lavender, when you are hiking SOBO, how many others are starting within a day of you, in either direction? 

01:12:32 - Do you bring sex toys on trail? 

01:13:46 - What do you do to alleviate the horniness? 

01:14:46 - Did you know anyone who brought toys on the trail? 

01:17:57 - What’s your favorite “girly” items you can’t live without? 

01:18:26 - What luxury items can you not live without on trail? 

01:19:58 - What can guys do to normalize girl stuff on trail? 

01:21:22 - Do you feel like you need to hide feminine products? 

01:22:56 - How did you handle PMS on the trail? 

01:23:22 - Do your levels of PMS symptoms change when you’re on trail vs. off trail? 

01:25:10 - What birth control do you use on trail? Check out our first Girls Stuff episode for more conversation on this. 

01:26:06 - How do you encourage other girls to backpack? 

01:28:19 - Do you have people trying to meet up with you on the trail when you are public with your location? 

01:36:08 - How do you deal if you’re always cold? 

01:40:14 - What are the best underwear and bra brands to avoid chafing and wedgies?


“Things guys want to know about girls but are too afraid to ask”

Anatomy Flashcards 

5 Star Review

Mail Bag 


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