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Backpacker Radio

Sep 29, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are talking all things social media and how it relates to the world of backpacking.  This is a long and lively conversation and we dive into some highly charged subjects including gatekeeping, is Instagram influencing a good or bad for the thru-hiking culture, the addictive nature of social media, and much much more.  

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Social Media X Backpacking Panel 

Time stamps & Questions

00:02:44 - QOTD: What was the first social media app you engaged with regularly? 

00:09:19 - Wisconsin reminder: Delafield & Fitchburg events 

00:10:27 - Introducing today’s panel: Social Media X Backpacking 

00:12:24 - Zach’s take on Instagram being an ineffective tool to learn about backpacking

00:13:45 - Chaunce’s rebuttal on using social media for research 

00:15:56 - Zach’s recommendation to not use Instagram as your primary research tool 

00:16:06 - How much did Chaunce research for her PCT hike? 

00:17:00 - Elise’s take on applying critical thinking when viewing social media content 

00:18:30 - Blogging content vs. social media content 

00:21:30 - Chaunce’s defense of Instagram 

00:22:52 - Elise moderates and discusses Instagram serving as a highlight reel

00:23:54 - Example of people using Instagram negatively for educational purposes 

00:25:00 - Using social media tools for inspiration 

00:27:11 - Discussing the impact of diving into a thru-hike unprepared 

00:28:18 - Elise’s caveat to using social media for education 

00:29:44 - YouTube being a powerful educator

00:30:10 - Tagging locations on Instagram 

00:30:58 - Chaunce’s pro-tagging stance 

00:32:43 - Elise’s tagging stance and how it relates to increase crowds in the outdoors 

00:34:00 - How tagging locations relates to gatekeeping 

00:35:11 - Nuances of the gatekeeping debate 

00:36:46 - If you want to keep places private, why would you post about it to begin with?

00:39:25 - Chaunce’s stance on requiring permits for overcrowded areas 

00:41:25 - Elise’s point on paid permits being exclusionary 

00:44:23 - Pros and cons of Instagram influencing 

00:46:26 - Financial motivation to be an influencer 

00:53:45 - What are the benefits to growing your presence on Instagram? 

00:59:00 - Elise’s pros for growing her account 

01:00:39 - Elise’s cons for growing her accounts 

01:01:30 - People misplacing their anger toward influencers 

01:04:00 - Defining what constitutes as a “public figure” 

01:07:45 - At what point do you accept you’re a public figure? 

01:08:53 - Elise’s Guthook trolls story 

01:11:10 - Opening yourself up to negativity 

01:12:28 - Using hashtags to gain exposure 

01:12:47 - Summary of pros and cons of Instagram influencing 

01:14:55 - Thriving off of social media attention 

01:15:45 - Pressures of entertaining fans 

01:19:12 - Determining how comfortable you are with attention

01:22:12 - Can being an influencer impact your experience on trail? 

01:27:42 - Instagram providing instant gratification 

01:30:14 - Have you ever touched up a photo to alter your appearance? 

01:31:20 - If you were sharing with friends, would you still edit the photo? 

01:35:45 - Does Instagram make people more self-conscious about appearance? 

01:42:11 - Is the influencer world having a negative impact in backpacking? 

01:54:23 - The power of social media to influence positive change 

01:59:51 - How Zach landed on his decision to decrease social media usage 

02:06:51 - Zach, how do your opinions conflict with running the Trek’s social pages? 

02:08:50 - “The Social Dilemma” documentary 

02:10:49 - Chaunce’s social media conclusion 

02:16:10 - Being a good listener vs. solutioning 

02:18:05 - Defining what good social media use is for you 

02:22:17- Episode wrap-up 


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