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Backpacker Radio

Oct 14, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we open the show with a Hiker Trash edition of "Hot Ones", where Chaunce and Badger are grilled by Elise while eating incredibly hot wings. Tears, fear, and slamming beers ensues.

We also feature our most impromptu interview to date with our new pal, Fancy Feast. Fancy Feast just wrapped a thru-hike of the Colorado Trail, after having her SOBO PCT plans thwarted by California's fires. In addition to giving us the unenviable story of finding Badger's dirty socks, she shares her experiences of working a variety of conservation jobs, including her time at the Green Mountain Club, and quite possibly the funniest trail name origin story we've ever heard.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of the most beautiful spaces we've seen while backpacking, a quick n dirty gear review on the Platypus QuickDraw, and some listener feedback on period underwear.


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Interview with Fancy Feast

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:40 - QOTD: Do people attempting an FKT take the time to bury their poop?

00:06:30 - Backpacker Team Hot Ones

00:07:23 - How is everyone’s spice tolerance? 

00:09:05 - Chaunce, what’s the longest you have gone without a shower?

00:11:00 - Zach, are there any big adventure plans with Leo? 

00:12:20 - Chaunce, if you could co-host with someone other than Zach, who would you pick?

00:12:42 - Zach, if you could co-host with someone other than Chaunce, who would you pick?

00:14:03 - Can you name the first 10 episodes of Backpacker Radio in order? 

00:18:11 - Zach, do you and Chaunce ever argue over creative differences? If so, when? 

00:21:10 - Chaunce, what annoys you the most about Zach?

00:23:03 - Zach, can you explain this Tweet: “We imitate dog stretches and sexual positions, but not their affinity for goose shit. Seems arbitrary to me.” What inspired that?

00:24:23 - Chaunce, are there any episodes you wish you could erase? 

00:27:29 - What’s the most annoying thru-hiking cliche? 

00:31:34 - Chaunce, are you single? 

00:32:07 - Zach, what was the last thing you lied to Jenna about? 

00:33:39 - Chaunce, do you know what the Vas Deferens are? The seminal vesicles? The corona? 

00:38:21 - Zach, can you sing “Walking Slow” by Animal Years?

00:40:11 - What’s the worst Leave No Trace error you’ve made? 

00:43:13 - Out of all the guests on the show, are there any that you’d never want to hike with or have back on the show? 

00:44:50 - Chaunce and Zach, will either of you triple crown? 

00:49:10 - Introducing Fancy Feast

00:50:26 - Backstory of Zach’s sock search 

00:53:22 - When did you finish the Colorado Trail? 

00:53:39 - Give us your backpacking resume

00:57:06 - What was it like to work for the Green Mountain Club? 

00:57:12 - Walk us through your job 

00:58:00 - How do you go about educating other hikers? 

00:58:43 - How did you handle poop stirring tasks? 

00:58:57 - What do you stir the waste with? 

00:59:43 - How many total privies have you stirred? 

01:01:14 - What is the difference between the privies? 

01:01:51 - Do you wear a N95 mask when doing those tasks? 

01:02:02 - Have you ever gotten poop soup on you?

01:03:13 - What happens after the composting process begins? 

01:03:34 - Where does the new soil get distributed? 

01:04:34 - Do you have any advice for others looking for a similar job? 

01:05:46 - Anything else on the hiking resume? 

01:07:00 - What is it like to be told you need to get off trail vs. when you make the decision yourself? 

01:10:05 - When you switched to the Sierra, was it a strategic decision? 

01:10:48 - Did you hike the CT with other PCT hikers?

01:13:04 - What was the journey like getting from the PCT to the CT?

01:15:58 - What’s the Southwest Conservation Corp? 

01:16:35 - What are some examples of the work? 

01:18:00 - How did you end up getting into conservation work? 

01:19:33 - Give us your pitch on why trail maintenance is rewarding 

01:22:52 - How many compliments do you get on your hat? 

01:23:20 - How did you find out about Zach’s socks? 

01:24:04 - Did you have trouble finding them?

01:24:48 - What was appealing about the sock hunt? 

01:26:44 - What hike is next? 

01:27:28 - Do you have to worry about snow? 

01:29:04 - What knowledge do you need to have about cows? 

01:30:26 - Is this a paid role?

01:30:36 - Is there an adventure planned for after ski bumming? 

01:31:29 - If you went back on the conservation end of the spectrum, do you have a dream conservation job? 

01:32:15 - How did you get the name Fancy Feast? 

01:34:58 - Did it taste like it smells? 

01:35:24 - Have you eaten cat food since? 

01:36:45 - As a listener, what is something you’ve always wanted to say to the hosts? 

01:37:45 - Was it a conscious decision to not wear makeup on an episode where you’re sweating? 

01:38:14 - How does the studio compare to your expectations? 

01:38:56 - What was your least favorite episode? 

01:39:20 - What do you do to save money? 

01:40:29 - What was your favorite episode? 

01:42:49 - Anything else you’d like to convey, Fancy Feast?  



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