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Backpacker Radio

Jan 18, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Derick Lugo known on trail as Mr. Fabulous.  Although it's not all that unheard of for someone to attempt the Appalachian Trail with minimal backpacking experience, Brooklyn-born Derick Lugo had never even been on a day hike before arriving to Springer Mountain for his NOBO AT thru-hike attempt.  Not only did he complete the trail, but Derick has gone on to write a book, start a podcast, and has done many public speaking events. This is a lively chat, Derick is an orb of energy, and we laughed our way through.

We wrap the show with a look at what footwear the AT class of 2021 rocked (and how the perennial is starting to lose some ground), a triple crown of dinosaurs (including some interesting facts about the dildosaurus), and the FULL details of the Backpacker Radio Sponsorship.


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Interview with Derick Lugo 

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:47 - QOTD: How was your break? 

00:11:01 - Reminders: Backpacker Radio Sponsorship 

00:14:02 - Welcome Derick Lugo! 

00:14:36 - How much did the long taxi ride cost you?

00:15:40 - What was your life like before the AT?

00:16:51 - Zach meeting Derick 

00:23:17 - What sparked the idea of hiking the AT? 

00:25:08 - Did you borrow any gear? 

00:29:01 - What’s your take on Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods”? 

00:31:22 - Keeping books relevant 

00:32:15 - The Unlikely Thru-Hiker book cover 

00:35:10 - Is Chaunce confused? 

00:35:50 - Were you athletic prior to your thru-hike? 

00:39:42 - What type of miles were you putting up in the early days of your hike? 

00:41:00 - Were other hikers helpful to you? What was the community like? 

00:43:28 - How did you get your trail name, Mr. Fabulous? 

00:49:38 - Throwback to “Fancy Feast” 

00:50:08 - Did you maintain your hygiene through the hike? 

00:52:28 - How far were you taking your hygiene practices? 

00:55:37 - Any other funny beginner hiker stories? 

00:59:36 - Did any parts of city life prepare you for the trail? 

01:02:05 - Did you do stand up at the comedy clubs you worked at? 

01:02:22 - Any good bars along the hike? 

01:03:13 - Any comedy bits you can share with us? 

01:04:27 - Did you reduce your 40lb pack over time? 

01:07:48 - The Carly Moree connection 

01:08:28 - Tell us about your podcast 

01:16:50 - Will Smith 

01:18:40 - Derick praises Backpacker Radio

01:19:56 - Are you working on Season 2 of your podcast? 

01:20:45 - Derick is hiking the CDT next! 

01:21:38 - CDT partnership announcement 

01:24:27 - Are you bringing your dog? 

01:25:31 - How will the experience mesh with the podcast?

01:27:27 - Long Trail vs. CDT 

01:28:55 - Where can people find you and your book? 


Trek Propaganda 

Triple Crown of Dinosaurs 

5 Star Review


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