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Feb 14, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Ryan Bunting, known on trail as Constantine.  Constantine may already be a familiar name, as he was recently featured on a Trek Propaganda segment about becoming the youngest person to hike all 11 National Scenic Trails at the age of 27 years.  He put a bow on the achievement by setting the Fastest Known Time on the North Country Trail alongside his girlfriend, Magpie.  

Seeing that this is a Valentine's Day episode, we go deep into the origin story of Constantine and Magpie's relationship, we get a rundown on which were his favorite and least favorite National Scenic Trails and why, and a hilariously awkward poop story.  

We wrap the show with an almost announcement of the winner of the Backpacker Radio Sponsorship winner, the triple crown of national scenic trails, and the odd ways in which Chaunce and I are attempting to stay fit.

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Interview with Ryan “Constantine” Bunting 

Time stamps & Questions

00:07:33 - QOTD: Are you training for hiking season yet? 

00:19:08 - Reminders: The BPR Sponsorship recipient has been chosen & internship opportunity reminder

00:24:10 - Welcome Constantine! 

00:24:52 - Do you know how many miles you’ve accrued? 

00:25:20 - When did you get started hiking? 

00:26:00 - What are the National Scenic Trails? 

00:27:28 - When did you fall in love with the long trails? 

00:28:37 - Did you hike them in the traditional order? 

00:28:45 - Did you know you wanted to do all 11?

00:30:25 - Did you know you could become the youngest to complete them all? 

00:31:18 - How many people have completed them all? 

00:33:20 - Tell us about the Potomac Trail

00:35:45 - Fuck, Marry, Kill: PCT, AT, or CDT

00:36:00 - What 3 scenic trails would you get rid of? 

00:37:33 - What’s the rest of the chronology? 

00:39:37 - How many miles was that in 2021?

00:41:44 - What’s your take on the Florida Trail? 

00:42:50 - How many alligators did you see? 

00:44:08 - What made you swear off the state of Alabama in 2019? 

00:45:28 - Any other details on the Potamac hike? 

00:46:45 - Did you end up doing 35s on these trails? 

00:47:40 - What food issues did you have on trail? 

00:47:46 - What did you change with your food strategy? 

00:51:05 - Given you experience, how did the transition to the NCT go? 

00:52:07 - Did you hike the trail westbound? 

00:52:23 - When did you start the NCT? 

00:53:17 - Does snow deter you? 

00:55:52 - Did you have a satellite communicator with you during the hypothermia scare? 

00:56:40 - Do you recall what you were wearing? 

00:56:56 - Walk us through the hypothermic experience 

01:00:08 - The Magpie love story 

01:12:55 - Can you compare your relationship on trail vs. off trail?

01:14:47 - What were the highlights of the NCT? 

01:17:39 - Have you been able to pinpoint the timeframe between hiking and getting the bug to hike again? 

01:18:36 - What do you enjoy about the non-stop hiking? 

01:20:30 - Do you go out of your way to talk to locals? 

01:21:44 - How are you able to fund these hikes? 

01:22:50 - What’s your company? ElevenSkys

01:23:45 - How do you go about starting an apparel company? 

01:26:26 - What’s your go-to pair of shorts? 

01:26:38 - Tell us your 2022 hiking plans

01:29:30 - The Donut Story 

01:31:48 - Constantine’s Poop Story 

01:33:58 - Find Constantine here: ElevenSkys, Instagram 


Trek Propaganda: 

 Triple Crown of National Scenic Trails 

Mail Bag 

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