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Backpacker Radio

Feb 28, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are talking all things Appalachian Trail (drink?).  Everybody's favorite honorary third co-host, Jabba, joins us in a roundtable of tips we would offer someone looking to take on a long distance backpacking trip on the AT (drink).  We touch on budgeting tips, ways to reduce your pack weight, advice for ensuring you complete your goal, insight on how to transition post-trail, and much more.  

We round out the show with a triple crown of dance moves, some fast facts from the AT Class of 2021, and a fun announcement about the cinnamon connection's very own visit to the AT this year (drink).   

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AT Panel with Chaunce, Badger, & Jabba 

Time stamps & Questions

00:05:08 - QOTD: What is the correct thermostat temperature for sleeping? 

00:11:13 - BPR Announcements: We’ll be at Trail Days! 

00:12:23 - Introducing the AT Panel 

00:13:28 - Badger’’s Tip #1: For NOBOs, earlier start dates may be favorable but southern Appalachia weather may not agree

00:21:05 - AT hiking experience 

00:22:13 - Chaunce’s Tip #1: Avoid the town experiences in the beginning, so you can slow down later on the trail 

00:25:04 - Jabba’s Tip #1: Have some type of game-plan for post-trail life 

00:31:06 - Badger’’s Tip #2: Mentally prepare yourself for the hike 

00:34:15 - Did your “Why?” ever changed on a hike? 

00:34:54 - What was your “why” for the PCT in comparison to the AT? 

00:44:06 - Chaunce’s Tip #2: Keep a stricter budget 

00:44:57 - How do we feel about hiker “Go Fund Me” pages? 

00:54:44 - Jabba’s Tip #2: Figure out your footwear 

01:02:53 - Badger’’s Tip #3: You don’t need as much water on the AT 

01:11:45 - Chaunce’s Tip #3: Strategize your days around the rain, when convenient 

01:14:11 - If you’re going to hike the AT, get Verizon! 

01:15:25 - Let’s family/friends know when you won’t be having service 

01:16:47 - Jabba’s Tip #3: Experience the social bubble & allow yourself to pivot 

01:19:20 - Panel wrap-up, thanks Jabba! 


Trek Propaganda: 

Triple Crown of dance moves 

5 Star Review

“Love is Blind” Debrief  


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