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Backpacker Radio

Mar 28, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Peter Bergman.  In a nutshell, Peter is the ultimate wildcard.  His hiking resume, which includes a completed section hike of the PCT and a cross country hike from his front door in Denver to Mt. of the Holy Cross- doesn't even begin to tell his story.  We learn about the life of an art professor, some of most ridiculous projects, which toes the line between art and prank, and his latest release, PaCT, a series of projects related to his two-part section hike of the PCT, the first chunk as a 23-year-old, and the rest at twice the age of 46.  Chaunce and Badger were thoroughly entertained during this one, you will be too.

We wrap the show with a special triple crown, Elise edition, some surprise birthday wishes to Chaunce - including a voicemail that had us LMAO'ing, and much more.

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Interview with Peter Bergman

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:38 - QOTD: What is something every junk drawer must have in order to be considered a proper junk drawer?

00:09:03 - BPR Announcements: Denver Hiker Meetup April 5, New Intern

00:13:30 - Introducing Peter

00:13:36 - What’s your elevator pitch?

00:14:53 - Tell us about being a professor.

00:15:54 - What percentage of your students would you say are garbage people?

00:16:58 - What is your favorite course to teach?

00:17:57 - What’s the most memorable art project you’ve seen while teaching?

00:20:20 - What’s your take on the Van Gogh exhibit?

00:20:51 - What’s your take on Meow Wolf?

00:21:51 - What’s your overall experience as an artist?

00:27:18 - Would you say there’s a theme among Cabriolet owners?

00:28:33 - Tell us about the postcards.

00:31:49 - How did you not get shot?

00:33:28 - How do you differentiate between art and entertainment?

00:33:58 - What’s the name of the documentary?

00:34:38 - What was it like during/in the pre-Jackass, Southern California, skate-punk scene?

00:36:20 - What about skateboarding created that culture?

00:38:17 - What’s your take on Jackass?

00:38:57 - Discussion about free library project.

00:43:38 - Are you currently in the midst of any pranks?

00:51:15 - Tell us about the PCT section in 1996.

00:55:10 - Discussion about deciding to finish the trail in 2019.

00:56:06 - Discussion about hike from Denver to Mt. Holy Cross.

00:56:40 - How much of that route was off-trail vs. on roads?

00:56:58 - Discussion about returning to the PCT in 2019.

00:57:17 - How do Peter and Elise know each other?

00:58:25 - How did you end up with two feet of Dylan’s hair around your neck?

00:59:25 - Discussion about the hair collection.

01:02:16 - Discussion about the time capsule.

01:08:10 - Discussion about getting off trail in 1996.

01:12:14 - With your exciting hobbies off-trail, how did you keep yourself entertained on trail?

01:16:06 - As someone who is a professor, how would you assign an on-trail project to hikers as if they were students?

01:19:27 - Walk us through the flipbook, zine, and book.

01:21:25 - Discussion about book printing.

01:24:20 - Discussion about the time between 1996 and 2019.

01:25:09 - How did your dad respond to the book?

01:25:34 - How many books are left?

01:25:53 - Discussion about badgers.

01:28:29 - Tell us about the snowstorm.

01:34:20 - Discussion about completing the trail in 2019.

01:37:12 - What were the primary differences between the two hikes?

01:41:43 - What was your gear like in 1996?

01:43:57 - What’s your poop story?

01:49:22 - Thank you!


Trek Propaganda

Triple Crown of Elise

Chaunce’s Birthday Well-Wishes

5 Star Review


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