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Backpacker Radio

Oct 3, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, guest co-host Steven Shattuck aka Twinkle and yours truly are joined by Kylie Yang. Kylie is a Field Programs Manager at the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, a thru-hiker, a former AT ridgerunner, and overall a wealth of knowledge regarding all things pertaining to the great outdoors. We chat about Kylie's foray into the world of thru-hiking, what being an Appalachian Trail ridgerunner looks like- including being called "an overly tattooed, hipster slut" by an angry hiker, and we learn all about her present-day role with the Continental Divide Trail Coalition and the challenges of getting volunteers to remote sections of the trail.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of conspiracies you maybe buy into a little, useful items you'll likely find in a hiker box, new gear that we've been digging over the last season or two, what hitchhiking on the AT really looks like, and much more.

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Shoutout to our guest editor for this episode, Tina Mullen!

Interview with Kylie Yang

Time stamps & Questions

00:05:16 - QOTD: What does today’s guest’s dad do for a living?

00:06:13 - Reminder 1: Apply to be a blogger for 2023!

00:06:31 - Reminder 2: Please subscribe!

00:07:04 - Introducing Kylie

00:07:54 - Discussion about growing up in southeastern Virginia/Yorktown

00:09:15 - How did you get into the outdoors?

00:11:08 - How did you transition to thru-hiking?

00:13:40 - Did you have a partner when you hiked?

00:14:52 - Tell us about your social experience on the AT.

00:16:25 - What’s your favorite story from your AT hike?

00:19:05 - Tell us another AT story!

00:21:02 - What was it like to hike through the places you grew up?

00:23:03 - What is a ridgerunner, for those who don’t know?

00:24:17 - Tell us about bears in New Jersey. 

00:26:56 - Tell us about your tattoos!

00:30:06 - What’s the most common fuckup you see hikers making?

00:31:03 - Discussion about Kylie’s job setup

00:32:33 - Tell us about the interplay between you and thru-hikers.

00:35:24 - What’s a regular day in the life of a ridgerunner? 

00:36:45 - Were you trained in how to educate people?

00:39:27 - What’s the weirdest trash you collected?

00:40:34 - Discussion about becoming a ridgerunner, the salary, and tips for interested people

00:43:44 - What’s the most common way people went against LNT practices?

00:46:10 - Tell us about the Long Path!

00:48:42 - Why did you hike in winter?

00:50:01 - How long would it take the average person to hike the Long Path?

00:51:03 - Why the Long Path?

00:53:14 - More discussion about section hiking the Long Path in the winter

00:56:57 - Tell us about working for the Continental Divide Trail Coalition.

00:58:25 - Tell us about the Bridge Project.

01:00:00 - Shoe tangents

01:01:43 - What would you tell people looking to get into trail work?

01:02:12 - Is there a difference between volunteering out east and in the Rockies?

01:03:57 - Tell us about the type of work you do and what is most rewarding.

01:05:30 - Discussion about the openings at the CDTC.

01:07:20 - What’s been the most exciting project in Colorado?

01:08:05 - Discussion about qualifications and incentives for volunteering

01:13:20 - Discussion about trail adopters

01:15:52 - How much of the trail is adopted?

01:18:00 - What else should people know about volunteering or the CDTC?

01:19:08 - What’s next for you?


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Triple Crown of conspiracies you maybe buy a little

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