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Backpacker Radio

Nov 14, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by friend of the podcast, renaissance woman, and Executive Director of the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, Teresa Martinez. Teresa feeds us prickly pear margaritas and shares some of the key achievements of the CDT since our last chat, including the recent National Monument designation of Camp Hale in which she got to meet President Biden. We get the full story of her interaction with the POTUS, including some well-earned water works, she reflects on what work has gone into growing the CDTC into thriving organization that it is today, what challenges and opportunities lie ahead, the process of turning trail towns into gateway communities, how climate change is impacting the thru-hikability of the trail, and much more. Teresa is the best and this conversation offers a very clear reminder of why this is true.

We wrap the show with some new segments! We introduce backcountry meal critics, where Chaunce and I sample new dehydrated meals and offer our reviews. We also introduce "Stupid Thing of the Week", which likely needs no explanation. We check in with some former guests of the podcast. And we get another update from MG!

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Interview with Teresa Martinez

Time stamps & Questions

00:05:04 - QOTD: How was Mexico?

00:12:53 - Reminders: apply to blog for the Trek, check out our new stretch shorts, apply to be the Trek’s Youtube personality, Hiker Trash Meetup December 10!

00:17:53 - Introducing Teresa

00:22:38 - What does the 10 year anniversary of the CDTC feel like?

00:24:31 - Tell us about meeting the President.

00:29:39 - How have your fears for the organization changed?

00:25:47 - What are some of the things you’re doing that could be considered risky?

00:39:48 - Are there certain organizations you’re modeling the CDTC after?

00:44:11 - What elements of your ATC work did you bring to the CDTC versus improve upon?

00:52:31 - Tell us about the Camp Hale designation.

00:59:00 - What are the primary benefits of it becoming a National Monument?

01:04:29 - What would you consider some of the other major accomplishments of the CDTC?

01:08:19 - Do CDT purists get mad when signs are added?

01:13:40 - What’s your take on mapping and navigation?

01:18:28 - How did the Imbibe the Divide events go?

01:20:23 - What is your favorite pie flavor in Pie Town?

01:24:45 - How much of building a trail community happens organically versus planned?

01:29:47 - Is community fostering getting easier with people migrating into the mountain west?

01:34:48 - How has the percentage of completed trail increased since we last spoke?

01:38:09 - What does it take to galvanize communities to maintain remote sections of the trail?

01:41:55 - Tell us about the 10 for 10 Themes and October’s theme of hunting.

01:46:20 - Tell us about climate change impacts to the CDT.

01:49:00 - What’s your take on the future of thru-hiking?

01:52:45 - Tell us about the floods.

01:56:02 - Does water used to put out a fire ever cause flooding?

01:57:17 - Fuck Marry Kill: snow, fire, flood

01:58:33 - If we wanted to open a hiker hostel for CDT hikers in Colorado, what areas or towns would you recommend?

02:00:11 - Would the CDTC consider making a “trail alert” social media page for current trail status?

02:01:30 - Is it better to NOBO or SOBO?

02:02:25 - Does the CDTC have any professional full time trail crews?

02:03:33 - Any parting messages?


MG Check-In

Backcountry Meal Critics: Packit Gourmet

Trek Propaganda

Stupid Thing of the Week

Previous Guest Voicemails (leave us a voicemail!)

Mail Bag

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