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Backpacker Radio

Mar 27, 2023

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Lt Cookoo Bird. Cookoo's a name you've heard on this podcast before, he's been a hiking partner of Jabba's for many years and he was the third member of our Wind River High route trek in 2019. Today's episode is a certified marathon, as Cookoo delights us with tales from trails all over the country, including the time he got a hitch from a prostitute, tindering his way along the West Coast, cycling from Oregon to Maine with his mom, befriending countless strangers, and much more. This one is an instant Backpacker Radio classic.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of non-traditional burger toppings, confirmation that boxers are in fact the dumbest dog breed, and some tips for hiking in the rain on the Appalachian Trail.

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Interview with Lt. Cookoo Bird

Time stamps & Questions

00:05:35 - QOTD: What is the appropriate amount of time to wait to ask to eat someone’s pickle?

00:08:20 - Reminders: Vote for BPR in the Sports Podcast Awards!

00:09:25 - Introducing Bruce

00:10:08 - Tell us your trail name origin story.

00:13:40 - Why did you start with the Long Trail?

00:15:45 - Would you say the Appalachian Trail was your most formative hike?

00:16:30 - Tell us about your vow of silence on the AT.

00:21:39 - What was Jabba like in 2013?

00:23:10 - Any other standout stories from the AT?

00:25:02 - Give us the background on hiker gangs.

00:28:15 - Discussion about Riff Raff

00:36:39 - What are the different groups like?

00:38:48 - What is the interaction like between groups?

00:40:40 - Tell us about the Adirondack 46ers.

00:45:00 - How did the Adirondacks compare to trails you’d done before?

00:46:02 - Was the Sierra High Route next?

00:47:00 - Getting to the Lost Coast Trail

01:01:50 - Tell us about the Lost Coast Trail

01:05:50 - Getting to the Sierra High Route

01:12:20 - Tell us about the Sierra High Route.

01:16:54 - What is camping like on the Sierra High Route?

01:18:15 - How much is on trail versus off?

01:19:44 - Tell us the story of almost getting kicked off a bus.

01:26:55 - Tell us about the bike tour with your mom.

01:30:45 - What did you learn about your mom while biking from coast to coast?

01:32:02 - How would you describe your relationship to your mom prior to the trip?

01:34:22 - Did your relationship change over the course of the trip?

01:38:17 - How did the bike trip compare to your thru-hikes?

01:41:24 - Anything else to share from the ride?

01:42:30 - Tell us about your adventures in 2017.

01:52:00 - Discussion about Mt. Washington

01:53:58 - Biking around Lake Superior

02:00:50 - Disassembling a barn in Iowa

02:02:00 - Trying MCT oil

02:04:30 - Discussion about Bruce’s love life

02:06:30 - Tell us about the first attempt of the Hayduke in 2019

02:14:30 - Story about burning his foot on the Hayduke

02:27:10 - Switching to hike with Jabba in Escalante 

02:29:40 - Interview pause: twin update

02:32:49 - Tell us about the Wind River High Route

02:43:00 - Story about bailing off the Wind River High Route

02:50:00 - Tell us about redeeming yourself with a class 5 climb in the Tetons


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Triple Crown of non-traditional burger toppings

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