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Backpacker Radio

Sep 25, 2023

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are giving you a thorough breakdown on all things backpacking tent related. We are joined by The Trek's Managing Editor, accomplished thru-hiker, and gear encyclopedia, Owen Eigenbrot. We introduce today's panel by giving you a thorough run-through on everything you need about backpacking tents, including the various types of tents, feature sets, terminology, material options, and more. We then do a roundtable offering our top actionable advice for picking a tent, considerations to make, and a few of our favorite specific models. Whether you're new to backpacking, are looking to level up your gear, or are curious about the various nuances of the world of tents, this podcast has something for you.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of Taylor Swift songs (Owen is a certified Swiftie), we share some of our strangest beliefs, and we offer a not-so-happy update on the status of Backpacker Radio's Iceland Trip.

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Panel with Owen Eigenbrot

Timestamps & Questions

00:03:49 - Reminders: Support us on Patreon, Iceland is off, leave us a voicemail, and apply to be a Trek blogger!

00:06:48 - Introducing Owen

00:08:07 - What’s your backpacking background?

00:10:44 - What are the basics of the Eastern Continental Trail?

00:12:32 - Introducing the structure of today’s show

00:16:10 - Tent capacity

00:21:00 - Tarps and bivvies

00:23:50 - 3 vs. 4 season

00:27:25 - Single vs. double wall

00:35:05 - Trekking pole vs. (semi) freestanding

00:46:06 - Tent weight variations

00:53:18 - Common materials

01:14:25 - Bathtub floor

01:16:05 - Door location

01:19:42 - Height

01:22:55 - Bug protection

01:23:32 - Pockets

01:24:38 - Stakes

01:31:52 - Tent terminology

01:36:30 - Footprints

01:41:36 - Zach’s Tent Tip #1: If you’re new to backpacking, go with a semi-freestanding tent

01:48:54 - Owen’s Tent Tip #1: Don’t give up on 1-person shelters

01:51:10 - Chaunce’s Tent Tip #1: Measure how tall you are when sitting straight up

01:52:30 - Zach’s Tent Tip #2: Broadest audience tent recommendation

01:55:03 - Owen’s Tent Tip #2: Have realistic expectations about tents in general

01:57:00 - Chaunce’s Tent Tip #2: Consider the terrain you’ll be hiking in

01:58:01 - Owen and Chaunce’s tent recommendations


Trek Propaganda: The 15 Best Long-Distance Trails in the US by Diane Duffard

QOTD: What is the strangest thing you believe in?

One Minute Gear Review: Free Fly Bamboo Lightweight Hoodie

Triple Crown of Taylor Swift songs

5 Star Review


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