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Backpacker Radio

Jul 4, 2019

She's baaaaack.  Sort of.  Halfway.  At this year's Trail Days, we caught up with Juliana Chauncey aka Chaunce, who was roughly half way into her AT thru-hike. She regales us with tales from the first 1,000 miles of her trek, including what has surprised her, how her gear system has held up, how it's differed from her PCT hike, and talks about that time she awoke to a stranger humming and dancing atop of her hammock. We do a Triple Crown of Highlights from the southern half of the Appalachian Trail, featuring Jabba, who jumps in and out throughout the show, get a bot's analysis of Backpacker Radio, and get our freshest trail poop story in the history of the podcast.

This is a fun reunion show and just a reminder that the cinnamon is still connected.  

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Subjects discussed in the episode include:

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