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Backpacker Radio

Jun 29, 2020

In today's episode -we are back to recording in person(!)- and joined by Jamey Mossengren, also known as The Unicycling Unicorn.  Jamey traded in his cushy 9-5 job to pursue the glamorous lifestyle of a street performer, and hasn't looked back since.  Not only does Jamey make a living by putting on unicycle shows, he's also unicycled both the Colorado Trail and Arizona Trail!   We talk about these very unique trips, his thru-hikes of the AT and Camino del Norte, and what goes into being a successful street performer- for which, we got a personal show after the interview.

We also talk about the return of AT thru-hikes in 2020 (maybe), we introduce a new segment- Hiker's Horoscopes, and close out the show with another edition of Backcountry Matchmaking. 

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00:00:00 – Intro to Jamey Mossengren – The Unicycling Unicorn

00:04:00 – Backpacker Radio is back in person and it is _________

00:06:00 – QOTD: How are your summer backpacking plans shaping up?

00:10:00 – Jamey, the Unicycling Unicorn

00:10:31 – Do you know how many people make a living on a unicycle?

00:12:20 – Did competing with your brother motivate you to be better at unicycling?

00:12:40 – How did you make unicycling a career?

00:15:00 – What goes into the performing side of a street performance?

00:15:45 – Examples of what does and doesn’t work in street performing?

00:16:20 – Do you do a lot of crowd work?

00:16:48 – Have you thought about doing a show at protests?

00:17:40 – Did you pick other performer’s brains to see what they were doing?

00:18:17 – Do you write out sets?

00:18:38 – What encompasses/started the Unicorn?

00:19:45 – What are the costume pieces of the Unicycling Unicorn?

00:20:44 – What was your first long outdoors feat?

00:21:35 – How do you mountain unicycle the Colorado Trail??

00:22:21 – Do you ride or walk up big climbs?

00:23:26 – Backpacker Radio crossed paths with Jamey Mossengren?

00:24:51 – How long did it take to mountain unicycle the Colorado Trail?

00:25:00 – How much did your gear weigh?

00:25:40 – Did you get a lot of media attention for the hike?

00:26:00 – Did the backcountry give you good ideas for your act?

00:26:28 – What was your next trail?

00:28:18 – Did you have any nasty falls?

00:29:40 – How does the comfort of a unicycle compare to a bike?

00:30:25 – Are there any standard unicycle issues?

00:30:50 – How did you like hiking (on the SHT) compared to unicycling?

00:31:34 – How long is the Superior Hiking Trail?

00:32:00 – how did you pick the Superior Hiking Trail?

00:33:41 – What’s next? Arizona Trial on a unicycle?

00:34:04 – Where do you meet other unicyclists to thru-unicycle the Arizona Trail?

00:35:00 – What is it like unicycling in a group?

00:35:30 – Differences between unicycling the Colorado and Arizona Trail?

00:36:00 – How much does your unicycle weigh?

00:40:00 – Does your performance experience help when trespassing?

00:41:00 – What is the argument for a unicycle being considered a pedestrian?

00:42:05 – What’s next? Appalachian Trail?

00:42:45 – Why another hiking trail and not a unicycling trail?

00:44:30 – Any AT highlights?

00:48:15 – What about lowlights?

00:51:23 – Shitting?

00:53:25 – Burned down bar?

00:56:23 – Hiker meet up at a Cracker Barrel?

00:58:30 – Sex on the Camino del Norte?

00:59:20 – Any good trail sex stories?

01:01:00 – Untapped 5,000 beers?

01:03:01 – Your next muni-pack?

01:04:05 – Preparation for the Oregon Timber Trail?

01:05:30 – In which direction of the PCT is the OTT?

01:08:40 – Are you less afraid of rattlesnakes on a unicycle?

01:09:45 – How long have you been doing van life?

01:10:14 – Tell us about doing your performances in different continents?

01:11:11 – You perform in Australia as well?

01:11:44 – Do you build the vans out yourself?

01:12:25 – Have you thought about doing stuff on Tik Tok?

01:16:30 – Do you think you could chug a beer while riding your unicycle and juggling two other beers?

01:17:08- Do you ever aspire to snag unicycling records?

01:18:25 – Have you ever unicycled on a tight rope?

01:19:14 – What are the fan favorite tricks?

01:21:11 – Unicycling Unicorn – he’s single, find him on the socials



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