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Backpacker Radio

Aug 20, 2020

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio, presented by The Trek, brought to you by, we are joined by Mac of Mac gives us the full tour through his short, but very dense adventuring career, including his 1 and a half PCT thru-hikes, his time in Japan, his multiple trips through the Himalayas, bikepacking across Australia, and the list goes on and on.

We touch on why the Arizona Trail is game off for the remainder of 2020, a one minute gear review, a point counter point on quilts vs. sleeping bags, and our last Backcountry Matchmaking for a hot minute.  


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00:09:25 - Applications for Vlogging and Blogging for The Trek in 2021 are open! 

00:09:56 - Intro to Mac from

00:11:00 - Do you hate the word moist? 

00:11:55 - What is your backpacking/adventuring background? 

00:12:55 - Do you remember where you discovered the PCT?

00:13:25 - Did you know you might be in over your head starting the PCT? 

00:14:00 - When did the website (Halfway Anywhere) start? 

00:17:16 - What kind of content were you putting out on your blog? 

00:18:30 - Do you think it was an advantage going into your hike without prior research (when it came to writing)?

00:20:02 - Stand out moments from your PCT hike? 

00:22:26 - What were the biggest differences you noticed between the PCT your first time and when you did it recently? 

00:26:09 - Were you using paper maps or Half Mile? 

00:27:18 - How did your most recent PCT hike go? 

00:28:00 - Which version of the Sierra do you like better (snow or no snow)? 

00:28:41 - Are the views better with or without the snow? 

00:29:24 - What came after your 2013 PCT hike? 

00:32:52- How did you find your job in Japan? 

00:33:21 - What do you do for fun in Japan? 

00:34:31 - How did you find hikes in Japan?

00:37:44 - How long were you in Japan? What came next? 

00:40:00 - You hiked to Everest Base Camp?

00:40:34 - What did you learn about the altitude on the first trip? 

00:42:16 - Did you do Whitney on the PCT ‘13? 

00:43:55 - What’s the difference in the attire for different elevations? 

00:45:06 - Do you have Sherpas/a guide in the Himalaya?

00:46:00 - Is there a language barrier in Nepal?

00:47:10 - Are there ethical reasons for sourcing Sherpas? 

00:50:00 - Should you hire a guide for EBC? 

00:51:00 - Can you tell us about the Three Passes Trek?

00:54:24 - What is the distance of the Three Passes Trek and how long did it take you? 

00:58:00 - How often were you sleeping inside? 

01:00:00 - What do you pay per night/day on an Everest Base Camp or Three Pass Trek loop?

01:01:00 - How is it navigating transportation?

01:02:45 - Do you have a standout Nepalese  meal? 

01:04:32 - Tell us about your Australia bikepacking trip!

01:05:30 - Where did you get water? 

01:08:22 - Did you arrive with your bikepacking setup or did you buy it there? 

01:09:25 - How long did the whole bike trip take you?

01:10:21 - Do you have any words of wisdom when it comes to fiscal responsibility?

01:11:44 - What was it like working in a bar in Australia? 

01:14:30 - What did you do in 2017?

01:15:30 - What kind of hiking is in Tasmania? 

01:17:00 - How did you choose Tasmania? 

01:18:00 - How long are the hikes you are doing in Tasmania? 

01:18:57 - What were the Rio Olympics like? 

01:19:22 - How many languages do you speak? 

01:20:05 - Were you doing this with friends? 

01:20:36 - Are you doing most of your adventures solo? 

01:21:09 - Has it been an adjustment to be in a relationship?

01:21:55 - How old are you? 

01:21:14 - Is your fire for adventure still as strong as ever?

01:22:41 - How does your relationship work with adventures? 

01:24:32 - Starting the CDT

01:25:55 - How would you compare the San Juans in 2017 to the Sierra in 2013? 

01:30:42 - Comparison of the PCT to the CDT? 

01:32:36 - Fuck, Marry, Kill: Sierra, Winds, Himalayas? 

01:36:45 - Should you hike the PCT or the CDT?

01:38:48 - Do you ever get burnt out from traveling? 

01:39:42 - What did you do next? 

01:40:44 - How much time do you dedicate to the website amidst traveling? 

01:43:10 - So you went back to Nepal? 

01:43:38 - Why was the Annapurna Circuit your least favorite trek in Nepal? 

01:46:14 - What was after the Annapurna Circuit? 

01:47:54 - How long did Island Peak take? 

01:49:10 - Do you feel safe in Nepal? 

01:50:36 - Do you have more Nepal treks on your list? 

01:52:05 - Tell us about the Japanese Alps?

01:54:05 - Why don’t you want to hike Mt.Fuji? 

01:55:49 - Does the traverse of the Japanese Alps involve route finding? 

01:56:50 - Is the ridgeline hiking there technical at all? 

01:57:30 - And you sprinkled in the Camino De Santiago?

01:58:21 - Do you still enjoy that style of adventure? 

01:59:06 - Do you have a stats background? 

02:00:13 - What was your track before the Appalachian Trail? 

02:02:08 - What’s in the future for Mac? 

02:02:56 - Where did you get the trail name Mac? 

02:05:00 - Where should people find your stuff? 



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Backcountry Matchmaking 


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