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Backpacker Radio

Mar 2, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by THE Survivorman, Les Stroud.  This interview does not disappoint.  We talk about Les' entry into the world of reality tv- and why he hates the genre overall, he talks a little bit of shit on Bear Grylls, we chat about some of his most precarious moments in the bush, and Les gives us a very compelling pitch on why Sasquatch is probably real.

We wrap up the show wondering how we'd run amok if the world was frozen for 24 hours, we learn what Vinegrower's Day is, and I hate on lemon juice.

Photo credit: Laura Bombier

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Interview with Les Stroud: Survivorman

- Les’s Youtube

- Les’s Podcast 

- Les’s Book — Wild Outside

- Les’s New Special — Surviving Disasters

00:05:19 - QOTD: What is the closest you’ve come to using (or have you used) extreme survival skills while backpacking?

00:12:45 - Intro to Les Stroud, how did you get started in the outdoors?

00:14:59 - Was TV inspiring you to get outdoors why you created Survivorman?

00:17:21 - How do you feel about reliance on cell phones for navigation?

00:19:20 - How did you background in music transition into your work in the outdoors? 

00:24:38 - Do you know how much all your camera equipment weighs?

00:27:23 - Does it bother you to be mentioned in the same breath as Bear Grylls?

00:30:33 - Did you get to talk to Mike Judge about King of the Hill? 

00:31:54 - What is the place you’ll never go?

00:32:12 - Can you talk about reality TV in general? Do you feel like you are being dragged down by the category?

00:36:20 - Can you tell us about the year long honeymoon project? 

00:39:33 - Where can someone find Snow Shoes & Solitude? Or any of your stuff? Les’s Youtube

00:39:48 - So you own all the rights to your content? 

00:42:20 - Can you give an introduction to the show and your vision of Survivorman?

00:44:25 - How far out there are you when you are filming shows? 

00:52:04 - How do you decide where you’re going and how much prep goes into it? 

00:56:20 - Les has a podcast: Survivorman with Les Stroud 

00:57:23 - What was your favorite food you ever caught? 

00:58:21 - Do you bring sleeping bags? Not even in the Arctic? 

00:59:02 - How does turtle taste? 

00:59:56 - Do you think you would have kicked ass on Fear Factor? 

01:00:09 - Did you ever schedule your survivor experiences to avoid exposure/cliffs?

01:00:50 - What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made? 

01:02:46 - Can we talk about bigfoot? 

01:03:11 - Is there an environment that is particularly hard? 

01:05:55 - How did you know that beef fat was safe to eat even though it was old? 

01:08:30 - Does fire get rid of most diseases and harmful things?

01:09:25 - Did it get more tempting to avoid failures as the show went on?

01:13:41 - What is bigfoot? 

01:19:42 - So it’s not one bigfoot? It could be a species? 

01:20:40 - Why are there so many people who have seen bigfoot but no game camera has picked it up?

01:24:11 - Do you think aliens is a likely theory for what bigfoot is?

01:25:16 - Could bigfoot be an alien?

01:25:31 - Would you describe yourself as a skeptic or believer? 

01:27:22 - Thoughts on the lochness monster? Ghosts? 

01:30:06 - You’ve experienced bigfoot? What did you experience? 

01:30:38 - Can you tell us about your Surviving Disasters special?

01:31:27 - Les’s book Wild Outside is coming out March 1

01:32:00 - Surviving Life with Les Stroud podcast 

01:32:44 - Everything is on Youtube


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