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Backpacker Radio

May 29, 2023

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, brought to you by Sawyer Products, we are joined once again by Darwin Rakestraw, of Darwin on the Trail YouTube fame. We catch up on the past year of Darwin's adventures, including learning all about his new gear company, Evolved Supply Co., the inspiration for how he builds products, which products he chooses, what offerings might be in the pipeline, and more. We also learn about a brand new documentary featuring Brew and Jennifer Pharr Davis and their kiddos, which chronicles Sawyer's initiative to bring clean water to the non-resort portions of Fiji. We wrap the chat with a preview of the forthcoming chapter in Darwin's thriving media career, one all fans of adventure should be excited to learn more about.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of "you might be a new hiker if...", an overview of a new inclusive product line from REI, and quite possibly the most off the rails ad read of all time at the end of the episode.

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Interview with Darwin

Time stamps & Questions

00:05:20 - QOTD: If you could redo your bachelor party, where would you have it?

00:13:06 - Reminders: Support us on Patreon! 

00:16:14 - Introducing Darwin

00:18:33 - Fill us in on what you’ve been up to for the past year!

00:21:08 - Tell us about your gear company

00:23:12 - What about your gear separates you from the other products available?

00:28:20 - Walk us through your backpack design

00:32:04 - What have you learned about gear that you didn’t know while hiking?

00:36:12 - Are there concerns about people trying to steal your business information?

00:39:57 - Tell us more about your sun hoodie

00:46:00 - Give us the full rundown on your project with Jennifer Pharr Davis

00:53:30 - Discussion about Sawyer’s philanthropy work

00:55:50 - What is your role in the project?

00:58:10 - What is Jenn and her family’s role in the project?

01:01:05 - Do Fijians know it’s Sawyer providing the filter?

01:04:45 - Where can people watch the film?

01:10:35 - How do you manage your busy schedule?

01:12:40 - Fuck Marry Kill: Thru-hiking, your media company, and your gear company

01:14:38 - What else are you up to that you want people to know about?

01:19:30 - Discussion about Darwin’s travels to Nepal

01:20:52 - Are you going to start adding more travel content to your Youtube?

01:25:40 - Thank you!


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Stupid Thing of the Week

Triple Crown of you might be a new hiker if…

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