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Backpacker Radio

Oct 31, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are answering your burning backpacking questions! Chaunce and I tackle a wide array of Backpacker Radio listener questions - everything from how we plan our nutrition for a backpacking trip, to how we deal with the fading of trail friends after a thru-hike, when and where we recommend using a bear canister and what our go-to bear prevention strategies are, what qualities you should look for in a tent if you're backpacking with your dog, what innovations we foresee happening in the world of backpacking, and much much more. We also catch up with Backpacker Radio team members Leah and Rachel on their recent backpacking trips of the Colorado Trail and the Four Pass Loop, respectively. Also, if you get far enough into the episode, you'll be blessed with a BIG SURPRISE. This is a marathon show fueled on beer, strap in.

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Drunk Q&A!

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:50 - QOTD: How drunk are you?

00:06:24 - Reminders: Apply to join the Trek!

00:08:44 - What is the best beginner east coast trail and beginner west coast trail? @sduugs

00:15:37 - Have you made your own dehydrated meals? If so, which ones?

00:19:35 - What is the best trail for learning navigational skills and off-trail hiking? @tales_on_trail

00:24:25 - Do you have a favorite electrolyte powder? @jacob_neary_

00:30:30 - Zach, tell us more about how you plan meals and caloric intake before a long hike?

00:33:28 - What do your meals look like for a typical day on trail? 

00:43:43 - How do you cope with post-trail friendships fading? @imhikinghere

00:51:19 - Is it challenging to find full-time work with a thru-hiking gap on your resume?

00:59:18 - Is a bear bag or bear canister better? Pros and cons of each? @wyatthart_9b

01:06:24 - How do you hang an Ursack?

01:07:21 - Thoughts on the DIY ultralight community? Have you built anything for hiking in a DIY spirit? @balkenbrij_ 

01:12:18 - What tents are best when bringing a dog? @hunter_clark_4 

01:23:40 - What will the next big leap forward in backpacking innovation/technology be? @jasonhikedsunedited 

01:26:55 - Drone resupply in the backcountry: good or evil? @reedinthewind 

01:29:39 - What do you look for when picking a spot to pitch a tent? @guerrero403 

01:33:09 - What’s a reasonable water carry for the southern terminus of the CDT? I always bring too much. @bryce.294 

01:37:10 - Can you talk about how different thru-hiking would be without trail magic or trail angels, specifically in reference to the AT?

01:46:30 - If you had to fuel your hike with PBR, how many miles per PBR would you average? Would it change once you blacked out?

01:55:15 - Triple Crown of hikers/previous podcast guests who you would want to be with you during a zombie apocalypse @trinitymarie.b 

01:58:55 - While thru-hiking, what’s the craziest and most desperate fantasy you’ve had? @steven__cannon 

02:01:49 - What is the most disgusting, hiker trash thing you’ve done on trail that would be totally unacceptable off trail? @chandlersam_

02:06:24 - What is the weirdest/spookiest thing you’ve encountered hiking or backpacking at night? @jerry.ellsworth 

02:17:35 - What’s your worst hiking fear? @staticmuscial

02:22:04 - Triple Crown of what you put in your fanny pack @riley.seeholzer

02:25:06 - Who is having the next kid, Zach or Chaunce? @jameswashburn

02:28:14 - What’s your tattoo? @mr_siewruk 

02:28:37 - It’s okay to kind of hate hiking alone, right? @russelltee


Leah’s Colorado Trail Hike

Rachel’s Four Pass Loop Hike


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