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Backpacker Radio

Dec 3, 2018

This is it. The end. Our final episode of the season.

A thru-hike is- typically speaking- a half year adventure. In the midst of this journey, that feels like a very long time. Certainly long enough to adapt to an entirely different way of life. In the spectrum of one's life, however, it's just a blink of an eye (God willing). Which is why I think today's episode might be my favorite yet.

Today we hear from our hikers a couple weeks (or more) removed from their treks. We learn how the lessons and habits of their former lives have bled over into "the real world". Of course soaking up the adventure for what it is, while it's happening, is of utmost importance- but in my perspective, it's how these hikes alter someone's world long after they've left the trail that's of most interest.

Our correspondents reflects back on their hikes and the chasm between this former world and their current.

And lastly- we'll hear from Jeffrey Garmire aka Legend, who recently completed The Great Western Loop. His update is brief, but the emotion is strong, you can hear it especially in his sign-off.

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In today's show, we hear from:


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