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Backpacker Radio

May 24, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by my good bud, Nicole Antoinette.  Nicole is a thru-hiker, entrepreneur, podcast host, and all around magnetic personality.  We talk about overcoming imposture syndrome in the world of backpacking, why the stereotypical thru-hiking style of big miles, ramen, and cramped motel rooms isn't a one-size-fits-all approach, accepting failure, sobriety, and much more.  This is a lively conversation; you will enjoy it.

We wrap the show a triple crown of kitchen gadgets, we officially unveil the destination for our 2021 Backpacker Radio Road Trip, and someone gets poop in their hair.

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Interview with Nicole Antoinette

QOTD: You have one hour to spend $10,000 in one store, what store are you choosing?

00:07:58 - Nicole, if we meet you on a hike, what is your clif notes introduction to somebody?

00:10:10 - What is it that pays the bills these days?

00:12:36 - Will you please plug your podcast?

00:13:10 - Why did you archive all your instagram  posts?

00:15:44 - What  influenced your decision to scrap things (off instagram)?

00:19:21 - How do you pursue what the next thing is without using a passion as the igniter for that?

00:21:21 - Can you talk about your questioning monogamy phase? 

00:23:49 - Have you always been so self-aware?

00:25:45 - Do you meditate at all?

00:26:30 - How did you transition from running to backpacking?

00:30:14 - How did you end up thru-hiking the PCT after being hurt after the Oregon section?

00:33:35 - How long before you are planning your next backpacking trip? 

00:37:55 - What made you start to enjoy backpacking?

00:40:11 - Where are you from?

00:40:23 - Were there any concrete things you changed that helped you enjoy the experience? 

00:46:14 - How did you find the balance between not being afraid and being comfortable on your own?

00:47:29 - How did you cope with loneliness?

00:49:28 - Is Chaunce an introvert or extrovert?

00:51:49 - Did you get more music?

00:55:29 - Between Ice Ice Baby and the Safety Dance which song would you put on your phone if you could only choose one?

00:56:00 - If an extrovert is considering going on a hike solo, do you have any advice for them?

01:00:16  - Can we talk about your SOBO PCT hike next?

01:02:20 - What does a social life look like on a southbound thru-hike? 

01:03:26 - When was your start date? 

01:04:56 - How did the SOBO PCT hike live up to expectations?

01:08:47 - Can you talk about the perception of not completing your thru-hike?

01:12:35 - What value do you get out of saying your PCT hike was a failure?

01:22:27 - Did you feel that having your own community established before you started backpacking helped?

01:24:10 - Do you think you could quit more gracefully because you’ve established your confidence in other areas of your life?

01:28:21 - How much did you encounter party culture on the PCT and how was it as a sober hiker? 

01:30:35 - Do you have any advice for sober people hoping to hike? 

01:36:31 - Do you mind talking about the evolution of your relationships?

01:37:23 - What role did the thru-hike play in the end of your marriage?

01:42:20 - How did you transition into your current relationship?

01:47:25 - When are you doing the Colorado Trail?

01:48:00 - Where can people find you?


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