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Backpacker Radio

Nov 29, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek we are joined by backpacking legend Nimble Nomad. The name is likely familiar as Nimblewill Nomad recently made news for setting the record as the oldest person to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail at 83 years old. We learn all about this odyssey- and he does not sugarcoat how challenging it was. He also shares some of the wisdom he's accrued over his many tens of thousands of miles on trail, which can be applied to both your on and off-trail worlds. 

We close the show with a triple crown of rooms in the house and some gift ideas for the backpacker in your life.

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Interview with Nimblewill Nomad

Time stamps & Questions

00:03:44 - QOTD: What single scene ruined an entire movie/TV series/franchise? 

00:10:30 - Reminders: Backpacker Radio Sponsorship & Fundraising 

00:11:38 - Introducing Nimblewill Nomad 

00:12:25 - How did you get started in the world of hiking and backpacking? 

00:15:05 - Did you always intend to go that far? 

00:16:31 - Was there any part of you that wanted to finish at Katahdin? 

00:18:36 - Does it get harder every time you finish? 

00:21:10 - What is your terminology for your thru-hikes?

00:22:52 - What’s the difference between your 1998 hike and 2000/2001 hike? 

00:29:04 - What’s the difference between the International AT and U.S. AT? 

00:33:23 - Did you intentionally try to break the record for oldest AT hiker? 

00:35:10 - Why did you name it your last trail? 

00:37:04 - How did the difficulties of this hike compare to other times on the AT? 

00:39:38 - Why did you add an additional 420 miles to your AT hike? 

00:42:56 - Why do you call your thru-hikes odysseys? 

00:49:25 - Are there any profound spiritual differences to who you are today? 

00:52:23 - Any wisdom you’d relay to former you or others listening? 

00:58:07 - What were some of the most memorable parts of the AT hike? 

01:04:00 - Is it true your base weight is 6 or 7 pounds?

01:04:47 - What do you carry with you? 

01:08:00 - Nimblewill Nomad’s sponsors 

01:13:10 - Would you like to speak about simplifying your belongings and life? 

01:18:00 - Talk us through your philosophy of simple living off trail

01:20:53 - What was it like spending time with Dale “Grey Beard” Sanders 

01:25:30 - Is there something similar between you and Grey Beard that motivates you to complete a goal like the AT? 

01:31:52 - Can you talk us through how it felt to complete the hike? 

01:34:50 - Anything you’d like our listeners to know before we close?



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Triple crown of rooms in the house 

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