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Backpacker Radio

Dec 16, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, the nepotism continues as I'm joined by my 2011 AT pal (drink), Melissa "Click" Goodwin.  In addition to an extensive backpacking resume, Melissa is a professional photographer and the founder at Girl Gotta Hike, a guiding company for women based out of New York.  We of course take a trip down memory lane- trading some of our favorite moments from the AT in 2011 (drink), we also talk about what it's like to thru-hike with a parent, how Melissa and her husband Donni make due with her being gone for such long stretches, some of the tricks behind the trade of food photography, and we learn all about Click's foray into becoming a professional hiking guide.

We wrap the show with a brand new segment- who do you think you are I am of the week.

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Interview with Melissa “Click” Goodwin

Time stamps & Questions

00:03:38 - QOTD: There is an old man who lives deep in the forest. He’s immortal and was born in the year 0. If you get to ask him one question, what do you ask?

00:06:30 - Welcome Melissa Click Goodwin 

00:07:20 - Which hike, aside from the AT, would you do again? 

00:10:12 - What does your body feel like at that elevation?

00:11:55 - The Himalayan Rescue Association 

00:13:16 - The Wonderland Trail 

00:13:57 - How many days did it take to complete? 

00:14:51 - Section and day-hiking the AT

00:15:39 - What was Zach like when he was on the AT? 

00:16:08 - At what point did Zach and Melissa meet on the AT? 

00:16:50 - Okay…but what was Zach like when he was on the AT?

00:18:24 - Anything embarrassing about Zach? 

00:20:20 - Do you ever get shit for aqua blazing? 

00:21:47 - Was that a thing back in the day? 

00:24:54 - What did you enjoy about hiking with your dad? 

00:27:14 - What did you learn about your dad that you didn’t know before the trail? 

00:28:05 - Would you describe your relationship as being strong even before the AT? 

00:29:44 - Did you share a water filter as well? 

00:30:49 - Did you find any issues with using Aquamira?

00:31:35 - Any other points that were challenging when hiking with your dad?

00:33:45 - If you could go back and advise yourself and your dad on how to smooth out those edges, what would you recommend? 

00:36:21 - Did you have any rules when it came to gear sharing? 

00:38:09 - Do you feel like your mom became more comfortable with your dad hiking as time went on?

00:39:27 - How did your bond with your dad change after the AT? 

00:42:34 - Talk through your photography setup while on trail

00:44:50 - Technology advancements since 2011 

00:47:17 - What was your reaction to your fiancé going on a thru-hike?

00:49:03 - Was it stressful getting married right after the AT? 

00:52:04 - Donny, how do you feel the AT changed Melissa? 

00:55:59 - How do you handle Melissa being gone for other hikes? 

01:00:03 - How did you profit off of photos from your hike? 

01:01:56 - Plug your website: 

01:02:07 - What was the Nat Geo assignment? 

01:04:02 - What goes into good food photography? 

01:05:14 - So you are actually preparing the meals? 

01:06:50 - Do you modify the food before it’s photographed?

01:09:44 - What’s the craziest food trick that you’ve used? 

01:11:00 - What’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever shot? 

01:14:54 - Can you recall the grossest thing you’ve shot? 

01:16:55 - Walk us through “Girl Gotta Hike” 

01:19:03 - What does it take to get a guide license? 

01:19:32 - Did you need to take a test? 

01:21:35 - Do you need insurance? 

01:23:24 - Walk us through the evolution of “Girl Gotta Hike” 

01:24:19 - What do you limit the hikes at? 

01:25:14 - What’s the typical age range you get? 

01:27:00 - What’s the most challenging part of running a guiding service?

01:31:15 - What goes into finding a good location? 

01:34:25 - How many repeat hikers do you have? 

01:35:22 - Tell me about the podcast side of your business

01:37:47 - Are you planning the hike for Chaunce? 

01:41:46 - Would you rather be forced to live the same day over and over again for a full year or take 3 years off the end of your life?

01:42:32 - Would you rather have a hike planned for 15 people and 40 show up, or a hike planned for 15 and 0 show up?

01:44:47 - Would you rather be smacked in the face with a fish or farted on?

01:46:26 - Would you rather have one free year to go backpacking and never be able to go again, or have only one free week each year but get to go every year?


Trek Propaganda

Who do you think you are I am? 

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