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Backpacker Radio

May 16, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by YouTube sensation, Darwin.  We learn all about Darwin's rise to fame, including the turning point from when he went from a novice content creator to a full-blown trail celebrity, his advice to aspiring YouTube trail personalities, and why he ultimately fell out of love with the platform. We also learn about Darwin's new media company, Outdoor Evolution, and the plethora of projects currently coming from OE, and what lies ahead.

We wrap the show by sharing the news of a gent who's about to finish walking around the world with his pup and we opine on whether we'd rather have a boring, stupid, or ugly offspring.

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Interview with Darwin

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:25 - QOTD: Would you rather have a boring, stupid, or ugly kid?

00:06:57 - BPR Announcements: The Trek’s Featured TikTok Personality 

00:08:08 - Introducing Darwin

00:08:37 - What was your life pre-dirtbag adventuring?

00:09:52 - Was there one trip you saw as the tipping point to altering your lifestyle?

00:13:56 - Tell us about the timeline of leaving home.

00:14:35 - Tell us about the initial intentions of the trail.

00:16:50 - Do you think leaving the AT and returning later prepared you for future trips?

00:18:47 - When does the Youtube channel enter the picture?

00:22:46 - Was there a particular moment when the channel became something you thought you could make a career out of?

00:25:27 - Tell us about living and working in Albuquerque.

00:26:45 - What’s the strangest hobby you’ve gotten into?

00:28:20 - Tell us about owning a restaurant.

00:29:10 - Are you a big fan of the blues?

00:30:04 - What are the top three things you would never dabble in?

00:31:40 - Tell us about cycling and bike-packing.

00:36:04 - Why do you think your bike-packing videos didn’t take off?

00:36:55 - Is adventure touring more trail or more road?

00:38:58 - How is your injury affecting your upcoming plans?

00:38:33 - Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

00:40:07 - What was the next big hike after the AT?

00:41:03 - How did you like the Pinhoti Trail?

00:42:48 - What kind of miles are you usually hiking per day?

00:44:42 - How did your channel interface with your PCT hike?

00:48:50 - Discussion about the turning point in popularity for the channel.

00:52:43 - Can you elaborate on the closure you sought on the CDT?

01:00:56 - If you had any general advice to someone interested in growing a Youtube channel, what would you tell them?

01:05:24 - Did you develop a thicker skin toward internet comments as you made more videos?

01:09:08 - Tell us about Outdoor Evolution.

01:14:58 - How do you decide how to allocate your time?

01:16:45 - Tell us about the structure of OE.

01:17:55 - Do you and your wife plan to have any children?

01:21:35 - Tell us more about current OE projects.

01:26:25 - How much are you looking to fundraise for your public lands series?

01:27:36 - How big is your production team?

01:28:58 - Give us a sneak peak of each episode.

01:30:01 - Tell us about the other upcoming projects you have going on this year.

01:33:22 - Anything else you want to share?

01:35:12 - Thanks!


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