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Backpacker Radio

Jun 27, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio, presented by The Trek, brought to you by RTIC, we are joined yet again by our pal, Clay Bonnyman Evans, known on trail as "Pony". Pony is fresh off the New Mexico stretch of the CDT and full of hot takes, including a renewed interest in all things dealing with sex on trail, why he thinks the "brutality" of the CDT is overstated- at least through New Mexico, we learn all about Clay's new book, "Adrift on the Pacific Crest Trail: A Thru-Hiking Story", and why Pony decided to do his first long distance backpacking trip sober. For those who've listened to previous interviews with Pony, you already know that conversations with him are a wild ride, this one is certainly no exception. If your children are listening to this episode, probably turn it off.

We wrap the show with a detailing of the dumpster fire that is Chaunce's toilet and we do a triple crown of reasons why Zach's Tahoe Rim Trail hike will get canceled.

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Interview with Clay Bonnyman Evans AKA “Pony”

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:53 - QOTD: How’s your toilet?

00:14:41 - Introducing Clay Bonnyman Evans AKA “Pony”

00:15:40 - Discussion about sex on trail.

00:19:40 - Do you think the ratio of males and females on trail is a factor?

00:22:14 - What’s a wild story you got asking people about sex on trail?

00:32:04 - Tell us about the New Mexico section of the CDT.

00:38:45 - Discussion about water sources in New Mexico.

00:39:21 - Discussion about trail marking in New Mexico.

00:41:32 - Discussion about trail towns in New Mexico.

00:43:02 - Odd encounter stories.

00:46:45 - What wildlife did you see?

00:49:48 - Discussion about the community of the CDT.

00:52:20 - Discussion about the relative brutality of the CDT.

00:53:35 - Tell us your thoughts on snow in Colorado.

01:01:11 - Do you think people wanted to push through because of forest closures?

01:03:25 - Discussion about CDT start dates and southbounding.

01:11:15 - Discussion about the Creede cutoff.

01:18:46 - Tell us about your book writing process.

01:24:47 - Discussion about including relationship content in the book.

01:27:16 - How did you write the book so quickly?

01:32:02 - Hype for Zach’s books.

01:33:34 - What shoes do you have?

01:36:38 - Discussion about post trail activity and food.

01:37:30 - Discussion about hiking sober and Pony’s twelve step program experience.

01:43:18 - Discussion about Pony’s social personality.

01:45:56 - Did you miss drinking more or less than you expected?

01:47:18 - Pony’s story about Garmin troubles.

01:53:05 - What Pony learned from the Garmin representative.

02:00:06 - Have you used the Somewhere Labs communicator?

02:02:40 - Discussion about dead cows.

02:06:08 - Discussion about living cows and angry bull sounds.

02:10:15 - Discussion about the popularity of the CDT.

02:14:50 - Discussion about Chaunce’s age.

02:18:11 - Thanks!


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Triple Crown of reasons Zach’s Tahoe Rim Trail trip could get canceled

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