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Backpacker Radio

Jul 11, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek we are joined by no one! Today's episode is all about the Tahoe Rim Trail and Badger's recent experience thru-hiking this trail. This one covers everything you'd want to know about hiking the TRT, including the trail's basics, my experience and advice for resupply, gear, pacing, permits, bear storage, the best time to hike this trail, bugs, dealing with snow, navigation, funny stories, cell service, worst chafes, best poops, and much more.

We wrap the show with a very weird and impromptu segment- healing your holes with Badger and Chaunce, we touch on the sad news of a hiker who recently passed in the White Mountain National Forest, we get a ridiculous poop story from our pal Paul Packman Sealy, and Backpacker Radio sponsorship winner MG gives us her first update from the AT!

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Interview with Zach “Badger” Davis

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:42 - QOTD: Would you rather have an elephant’s nose or a giraffe’s neck?

00:08:20 - Introducing Zach!

00:09:05 - What is the TRT?

00:10:52 - Which direction did you hike?

00:11:57 - Tell us about the elevation and miles per day.

00:14:40 - Did you need a bear canister?

00:18:25 - Tell us about the permits required.

00:21:21 - How many people did you see each day?

00:22:30 - Did anyone ask if you hiked the AT?

00:24:25 - How was the water situation?

00:26:13 - Was it exposed or under treeline?

00:27:15 - How was the snow situation?

00:33:40 - What is the best time of year to hike the TRT?

00:35:49 - Tell us about day 1.

00:39:28 - Did you make any friends?

00:39:47 - Discussion about Zach’s Ursack.

00:43:30 - Tell us about day 2 (chafing).

00:47:40 - Discussion about Zach wearing a kilt on the AT (disclaimer: disturbing visuals).

00:51:29 - Tell us about day 3 (weather, gear).

00:58:25 - Tell us about day 4 (burn area, ubering, town day).

01:05:47 - Tell us about day 5 (Desolation Wilderness, hiking with friends vs. alone).

01:12:30 - Tell us about day 6 (Tahoe City).

01:15:57 - Any other notable food things?

01:19:27 - Did you have vitamins and supplements?

01:23:04 - Discussion about weight and muscle.

01:26:55 - Tell us about day 7 (snow, cold).

01:30:22 - How did you get to the trail?

01:32:55 - Where does it rank among other shorter thru-hikes you’ve done?

01:34:04 - Would you recommend the TRT to first-time long distance hikers?

01:35:24 - How was this experience different now that you’re a father? 

01:36:54 - Is it worth traveling across the country as someone from the East Coast?

01:37:47 - Anything you would have done differently?

01:38:41 - How long was your longest food carry?

01:39:35 - Did you have any knee pain and if so, how did you alleviate it?

01:39:52 - Did you have any trouble navigating?

01:41:00 - Any poop stories?

01:44:28 - What’s the next hike for a now-dad?


MG Check-In

Trek Propaganda

Paul’s Poop Story

5 Star Review

Healing Your Hole with Zach and Chaunce


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