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Backpacker Radio

Jul 25, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Shayla "Kiddo" Paradeis. Shayla is a very accomplished backpacker, with the triple crown just scratching the surface of her hiking resume, but it's her approach to backpacking that makes this conversation stand out. We chat about what it's like to backpack in today's age without a smartphone, including the differences of keeping in touch with hikers, navigating on trail, tracking the forecast, and more. Shayla also shares her experience of healing on trail, and how her experiences as a sexual assault survivor have played a major role in her desire to be in the backcountry. Another warning to listeners, if the subject of sexual assault is especially triggering to you, we encourage you to skip ahead about half way into today's interview.

We wrap the show with the triple crown of reasons to go to a baseball game, we check in with MG as she's just hiked through the 100-Mile Wilderness, we discuss things that feel like a scam but aren't (but also sort of are), and give a shoutout to a couple who got engaged on the PCT this year!

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Interview with Shayla “Kiddo” Paradeis

Time stamps & Questions

00:02:52 - QOTD: What isn’t a scam but feels like one?

00:05:50 - Reminders: Leftover trail days shirts *were* in the Trek store!

00:06:38 - Introducing Shayla

00:07:23 - How does one decide to hike without a smartphone?

00:10:23 - What’s the rationale?

00:13:12 - Are you off of social media entirely?

00:15:10 - Do you ever listen to music?

00:17:24 - How have you noticed hikers change as you’ve hiked so many trails?

00:21:59 - Have you noticed a change in how you get through your day?

00:24:37 - How are you checking the weather forecast?

00:25:54 - Do you get frustrated being around other hikers who are always on their phones?

00:28:10 - Has any part of you lost faith in humanity?

00:29:57 - Discussion about navigation and getting lost without a phone.

00:33:52 - Tell us about your hiking group patterns for your long trails.

00:36:25 - What was your hitchhiking method?

00:37:07 - Did you ever get bothered by your hiking partners using their phones?

00:38:36 - If you could do it over again, would you hike alone?

00:40:17 - Do you have any tips for people wanting to set boundaries?

00:46:44 - Tell us about the Haute Route.

00:49:06 - Can you compare the Haute Route and the Tour du Mont Blanc?

00:51:02 - Are you also a runner?

00:52:30 - Why don’t you like racing as much anymore?

00:53:44 - Did you have a light pack in 2011?

00:54:41 - Tell us about eating better.

00:56:51 - How many calories did you consume on trail?

00:57:49 - Are you a competitive person?

01:01:11 - Tell us more about why you’re hiking.

01:04:57 - What happened that led you to run away to Glacier?

01:06:30 - Were your parents disappointed when you left New York?

01:08:02 - Did the trauma you experience relate to getting into backpacking?

01:09:42 - Have you found thru-hiking to be healing?

01:10:41 - (Begin trigger warning) How did your relationship on trail pan out?

01:12:33 - Did any part of you want to quit hiking after that?

01:15:10 - How did you feel safety-wise after that?

01:16:36 - Tell us more about your book.

01:18:47 - Can you give us a synopsis of what the book is about?

01:21:22 - (End trigger warning) Tell us about the volunteering you do in Glacier National Park.

01:25:50 - Tell us about grizzlies and wolves!

01:27:10 - Discussion about how wolves impact the ecosystem.

01:29:08 - Is there anything else you want to share?

01:29:48 - Thank you!


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