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Backpacker Radio

Jun 12, 2023

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Warren Doyle. Warren is a legend. With 18 traverses of the entire Appalachian Trail accounting for more than 38,000 miles, no one on earth has completed the AT more times than Warren. In addition to his vast knowledge and infatuation with this trail, Warren is a fascinating character, with outspoken beliefs on culture, disobedience, and philosophy. Chaunce and I really enjoyed our chat with Warren and we think you will too.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of things that are better than sex, thru-hiking artists you need to know about, and a few of our most nerve-wracking hitchhikes.

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Interview with Warren Doyle

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:25 - QOTD: What is a boring fact about you?

00:08:30 - Reminders: Listen to our Patreon-exclusive Q&A episodes by becoming a supporter!

00:10:17 - Introducing Warren

00:11:22 - What is the full origin story for you and the AT?

00:12:16 - What was the trail like in the 1970s?

00:14:43 - What is your approach to teaching prospective AT hikers?

00:17:20 - What made you return to the AT over and over?

00:20:25 - Discussion about questioning authority

00:22:48 - What are some examples of laws protecting us from the land?

00:24:30 - Discussion about the ferry service

00:31:56 - Are there other stories of trail changes?

00:38:06 - What was the better way to go about that?

00:42:30 - What do you attribute to your group trips’ 100% success rates?

00:45:05 - What are the keys for prospective AT hikers?

00:49:17 - What litmus test can people use to know if they’re prepared?

00:56:25 - What were some of the advantages and disadvantages of hiking the trail at different ages?

00:58:32 - Was there a particular age where you crossed that threshold?

01:02:03 - Did any injury play into that decision?

01:04:48 - What is one of your favorite stories from one of your trips?

01:09:04 - Is it upsetting to you to see the hikers of today?

01:11:26 - What’s the meaning behind the Circle Hikes?

01:14:30 - Walk us through your very first day on trail

01:20:21 - What message do you want to convey to the listeners?

01:21:40 - Where can people learn more about you?

01:22:22 - What do you want your legacy to be?

01:24:48 - What’s your strategy when someone wants to quit?


Trek Propaganda

Stupid Thing of the Week

Triple Crown of things that are better than sex

Mail Bag

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