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Backpacker Radio

Feb 5, 2019

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio, we sit down with Teresa Martinez, the executive director at the Continental Divide Trail Coalition.  We talk all things CDT, including the future of the trail, the biggest threats to its continued development, Teresa's favorite stretch of trail, and way more.  We also talk through some layering strategies for the Appalachian Trail, and Chaunce gives us a primer on vlogging etiquette.  We close out the show by featuring your questions via Instagram.

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Subjects discussed in today's show include:

    • Gossamer Gear Anniversary Video
    • Use code "TREK15" at to save 15%
    • Sawyer Permethrin
    • Sawer Micro vs. Sawyer Squeeze
    • Recommended AT base layer options for guys and ladies
    • Interview with Teresa Martinez of the Continental Divide Trail Coalition
    • Worked at the ATC
    • Transition from the CDTA to CDTC
    • The CDT is 3100 miles long, starts in boot heel of New Mexico to Glacier National Park in Montana - Mexico to Canada
    • Logistics of entering Canada after CDT vs PCT
    • What does job look like as executive director of CDTC
    • Why there are fewer people on the CDT than on the PCT or AT
    • Differences between the ATC and CDTC
    • “Focus on protecting the corridor and everything else will follow”
    • The CDT Corridor: congress created the CDT and said from the physical 18-24 inch tread of the trail, a 1/2 mile from either side of it - 1 mile wide - 1.9 million acres of land to protect experience around CDT
    • What percent of the trail is complete today
    • What are the threats to the trail 
    • Teresa's favorite section of CDT
    • That time Teresa had a gun pulled on her
    • CDT Kickoff - April 26-28
    • Favorite book: Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey
    • Head to to donate or learn how you can volunteer
    • Land and Water Conservation Fund
    • New sponsor!  Use code "TREK15" at checkout to save 15%
    • Trek Propaganda
      • Vlogging Etiquette (by Chaunce!): Tips to not let your vlog affect other hikers’ experiences
    • Emergency Q&A
    • Mail Bag 
    • 5 Star Reviews


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