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Backpacker Radio

Mar 1, 2019

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio, we are joined by Gummy Bear, a 2018 PCT hiker and all around awesome dude.  We do a deep dive on his experience of being a gay and plus size hiker in the trail community.  We chat some about his upcoming Arizona Trail hike.  Chaunce and I deliver the PCT class of 2019 a warning for what they can expect to see in the Sierra this year and why you might want to consider hiking southbound.  We do a triple crown of things to freak out about before leaving for a thru-hike.  Basically we touch on all the reasons why you should never leave your house (not actually).  This is a meaty show, so find a comfortable place to sit, lay, or meander down the trail.

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Subjects discussed in today's show include:

  • Recorded at Wayfinder in Denver, CO
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  • Sawyer Micro
  • Sawyer Micro vs. Sawyer Squeeze Video
  • The Sierra is snowy
  • Chaunce's PCT 2017 Video
  • As It Happens
  • Start interview with Evan Haut aka Gummy Bear
  • Trail name origin
  • What drew you to hike the PCT - love of travel, liked camping better than partying aspects of festivals he had been going to
  • Gay pride bandana attached to pack - important to have it on there after talking to other hikers in town who were hesitant/uncomfortable being open - prior to flag, felt like only gay person on trail, post flag, had a lot of people opening up and talking to him about it - ‘was nice to know they had someone they could talk to about it’
  • Discouragement and doubt around ability to be successful based on his weight - people becoming more supportive once he reached KM bc they stopped doubting as much
  • Hard to find clothing for his size (3XL)
    • Columbia and New Balance do good jobs of accommodating big/tall people
  • Highest mile day: 24
  • How he trained - day hiking, this year: 3-4hrs a day at the gym (quit job and just training now)
  • Section hike of the PCT - what’s done and what’s left
  • Water carries for a slower/heavier hiker: how much he carried, obstacles, having to skip sections due to inability to carry enough water
  • Deciding to be a section hiker, and feelings around that
  • Clothing carried
  • Things he would’ve changed if he could re-prep for PCT
    • Start in trail runners, doing the trail sooner - wouldn’t have had the motivation to train the way he needed to do it bc he wouldn’t have known what he was signing up for
  • Fitness vs budget - one of the biggest downfalls yo hiking slow
  • Vegan on trail apart from beef jerky
  • Section hikers were less arrogant, but didn’t realize that until Washington
  • Reasons why other hikers ask about start dates
  • Theory on why he had worse reactions as an overweight hiker than a gay hiker
  • The different ways long distance hiking takes a toll on your body when you’re overweight
  • AZT as prep for PCT
  • Quick overview of the Arizona Trail
  • Ways the hiking community can be more accepting to section hikers / plus sized hikers / gay hikers
  • Use code "TREK5" to save 5% at
  • Triple crown of things to freak out about before leaving for a thru-hike
  • Mailbag
  • Pacific Crest Trail Resupply Guide by Maggie Wallace
  • Check out Trail Correspondents!

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