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Backpacker Radio

Jan 30, 2023

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are breaking out the champagne and bringing you a super juicy show in celebration of Backpacker Radio's 5 year anniversary. We catch up with six of your and our favorite guests over the past handful of years, we reminisce on our favorite memories of the podcast (including the time Chaunce almost got fired), and give you a bit of a behind-the-scenes of how the sausage is made.

In typical Backpacker Radio fashion, this episode is an ultra-marathon. Sorry in advance.

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Time stamps & Questions

00:05:20 - QOTD: Are you willing to make a bet?

00:13:10 - Reminders: Badger sponsorship launches today! Buy our Stay Feral merch!

00:15:45 - Structure of this episode

00:21:30 - A random podcast memory

00:24:20 - Guest 1: Weezer

00:27:20 - Weezer’s love interest update

00:30:20 - What’s your advice for romance on trail?

00:35:34 - Guest 2: Professor

00:37:40 - What happened after we last spoke to you?

00:40:50 - Do you have any standout stories since we last spoke?

00:44:10 - What were your emotions when you finished the PCT?

00:46:15 - What’s next for you?

00:51:38 - Are you still excited to do more trail things in the future?

00:54:55 - Guest 3: Nancy East

00:57:10 - Tell us about the Superior Hiking Trail!

01:01:10 - What was the town experience like?

01:02:33 - How is your book doing?

01:04:10 - What are your hiking plans for 2023?

01:04:55 - Tell us about the Centennial Trail.

01:08:29 - Guest 4: Kevin Conley

01:10:30 - What are you up to?

01:14:20 - Sing your song for us.

01:21:46 - What reception did you get from your interview?

01:25:15 - What else do you have planned for this year?

01:26:48 - Get Kevin’s book.

01:29:41 - Guest 5: Matt “Pretzel” Mason

01:36:00 - Tell us about climbing the ranks in the fire world.

01:39:33 - Tell us about the snow sports you’re doing.

01:43:30 - What is an avalanche pit?

01:44:33 - What’s scarier: fire or snow?

01:45:35 - What’s your advice to thru-hikers considering fires?

01:47:20 - Do you see anything in the thru-hiking world you think could be improved?

01:52:20 - What do you have planned for the future?

01:56:30 - Zach gives Pretzel an honor!

02:03:50 - Reminiscing about the start of the podcast begins

02:43:54 - 2019 reminiscing 

02:55:11 - Guest 6: Elise “SOS” Ott

02:59:50 - 2021 reminiscing

03:19:20 - What are Elise’s big plans for 2023?

03:24:00 - 2022 reminiscing

03:28:40 - Chatting with Rachel

03:38:17 - Chatting with Leah


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