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Backpacker Radio

Mar 11, 2020

The Cinnamon Connection is joined by ultra running legend, Courtney Dauwalter.  For those who might not be into the ultra-running scene, Courtney is an absolute powerhouse long distance runner, with a young race resume that's hard to fathom, including wins at the Moab 240 (which the 2nd place finisher was more than 10 hours behind her), the Javelina Jundred 100K, Run Rabbit Run 100-mile race *twice*, Western States 100, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc- referred to as the super bowl of ultramarathons, amongst others.  Courtney is incredibly humble, Chaunce and Badger had to act as her hype team throughout the episode, a blast to chat with, and a fellow Goldenite.  There are some gems in this conversation, including when Chaunce told Courtney her poop story (like a good movie, it's even better the second time), how Courtney sees giraffes and flying eels on trail, that time she went blind, and how she continues to chisel away at her pain cave.

Chaunce and Badger wrap up the episode with a triple crown of spring things that make us tingle, we plan a soon to be thru-hiker's going away party, and of course, another listener poop story.