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Backpacker Radio

Mar 30, 2020

Backpacker Radio is making good on their promise to get weird.  Today we bring you a drunk Q&A.  Backpacker Radio's new intern, Elise Ott, navigates us through a series of questions, including COVID-19, how we're handling the self-quarantining, a lot of poop related subjects, thru-hiking purism, and much more.  At the top of the show, one of Chaunce's friends gives us the poop story to end all poop stories.  This one is our most feral podcasts to date.  Because that's what you do during an apocalypse. 



Drunk Q&A

0:03:52 - Intro, Welcome to BPR (long-distance style) 

0:05:00 - Elise Ott Introduction (new BPR intern), articles on the Trek 

0:05:50 - Casey’s Poop Story to End All Poop Stories

0:24:30 - We Meet Harper (after she pees on the floor) 

0:26:44 - What are your favorite TP substitutes? 

0:30:00 - What would you do if you were on trail right now? Even if you were 400 miles in?

0:41:43 - What international long hikes are Chaunce and Zach hiking or dreaming about?

0:45:00 - Only ramen for an entire trail or only mashed potatoes?

0:47:17 - If you ran out of toilet paper during your quarantine, what would you use to wipe? 

0:54:22 - If you had to drink one celeb’s bath water whose would it be?

0:56:00 - If you had to pick another sport besides hiking to invest your time, energy, and money into, what would it be? And why?

1:00:00 - Is it okay to day hike right now? 

1:09:00 - Ad break!  Save 10% at by using code "BACKPACKERRADIO" at checkout.

1:17:45 - If you had to shelter in place would you use a tent or build a shelter? What food would you bring?

1:28:28 - What kind of mud is Chaunce using to build her hut?

1:32:00 - The question, “what is your most memorable road walk?” turns into a discussion on thru-hiking purity. 

1:50:09 - Are people as mean on the trail as they are on facebook?

1:55:09 - The Final Question (there are two): If you could name a pet or child after a place on trail?

1:58:15 - The Final Question (the second one): Could you do a major thru-hike backwards? And if you did, what gear adjustments would you make? 

2:02:00 - Actually The Final Question: Will Chaunce take Harper on a thru-hike? 

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