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Backpacker Radio

Dec 27, 2020

Today's episode of Backpacker Radio, presented by The Trek, is 2020 personified. And by that, I mean it's a genuine shit show. Today's show runs the gamut, we drunk dial some fans, introduce a slew of new segments, play some trivia (grab a drink if you'd like to play along), and are given a play-by-play of some soiled denim courtesy of The Real Hiking Viking. As if that weren't enough the trio consumes enough adult beverages to commit to getting quasi-matching butt tattoos if you, our Backpacker Radio listeners, deem it worthwhile. This is our longest episode yet, by a lot, and exceptionally weird.  Strap in.

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00:03:50 - QOTD: What would you put in a 2020 time capsule? 

00:08:09 - 2021 Predictions 

00:59:00 - Drunk Dialing The Real Hiking Viking 

01:08:24 - Drunk Dialing with Smelly Melly / Frontline

01:15:00 - Drunk Dialing with John

01:19:00 - BPR stats 

01:25:41 - Drunk Dialing with Julian 

01:28:30 - Drunk Dialing with Katie 

01:32:55 - Top 10 Countries that listen to Backpacker Radio 

01:35:38 - Pits and Peaks of 2020

01:40:00 - Drunk Dialing with Chirstopher Marshburn 

01:48:21 - Drunk Dialing with Crystal 

01:58:10 - Drunk Dialing with Katie Again

01:59:30 - Drunk Dialing with Kate aka Stickerz 

02:09:18 - Drunk Dialing with Rob

02:18:00 - Drunk Dialing with Logan and Kevin

02:26:21 - Trivia with Zach 

02:47:27 - Drunk Dialing with Nicholas 

02:52:50 - Surprise appearance from Ballflap

02:57:40 - Drunk Dialing with Dot

03:10:00 - More Pits and Peaks 

03:19:27 - Drunk Dialing with Zane and Anton 

03:35:00 - (ISH?) The beginning of the butt tattoo discussion

03:51:00 - Mail Bag 


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