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Backpacker Radio

Jan 26, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Bekah and Derrick Quirin.  In 2017, the Quirins thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail with their adorable baby, Ellie, alongside.  We learn how in the hell this is possible, including their diaper logistics, gear setup, nap schedule, and much more.  The very next year the Quirins cycled the 2,700 mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, again, with Ellie in tow.  We learn the of the unique challenges between thru-hiking and thru-biking, the differences between hiking with a baby and a toddler, and much more.
We close out the show with some Badger Baby Q&A, a round of toddler or drunk person trivia, Chaunce gives us her best patent pending invention yet, and Zach does his best to string coherent sentences together despite some punishing sleep deprivation.

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Interview with The Quirins

00:04:20 - QOTD: At what age does a baby become a true thru-hiker?

00:05:46 - Donate to the Butt tattoo campaign

00:06:51 - Introduction to the Quirins who Thru-Hiked the AT in 2017 with their baby, Ellie.

00:08:02 - What was the inspiration to thru-hike with a baby? And how old was Ellie when you took on the thru-hike?

00:09:27 - How old was Ellie when you decided to hike?

00:09:37 - Is it scary to have a 6-month-old and be selling everything?

00:10:50 - Is Ellie just starting to walk when you started the trail?

00:11:26 - Did Ellie walk at all on the trail?

00:12:10 - Where on the trail did Ellie take her first steps?

00:12:45 - Did you hike northbound?

00:13:34 - What are the carrying logistics with gear and the baby? 

00:14:37 - How heavy was the whole family’s gear? 

00:15:46 - Can you tell us more about your sleep system?

00:16:51 - Was the quilt also made by thermarest? Yes, the Vela HD down quilt.

00:17:16 - What kind of diaper system were you using? 

00:18:09 - They make compostable diaper liners? Yes, G-Diapers.

00:18:24 - What was the weight of diaper liners by the time you got to town?

00:20:07 - What was Ellie eating on the trail?

00:20:18 - What age do babies switch from canned mushy stuff to normal stuff?

00:20:51 - Did Ellie have a favorite trail meal? 

00:21:47 - Did Ellie’s temperament change on the trail vs. in town? 

00:23:17 - How did you guys deal with rain on the AT? 

00:24:38 - What pack did you use for Ellie’s carrying case? And how did you decide on that? 

00:26:28 - Did you know how steep the northern part of the trail would be?

00:28:21 - What did other hikers think about you hiking with the baby? 

00:29:36 - Is Ellie the youngest to do the AT? 

00:30:42 - How did Ellie sleep through the night on the AT? 

00:32:49 - Does Ellie remember the trail?

00:33:47 - Can you tell us about a high and low point on the AT? 

00:38:16 - Can you elaborate on forest school? 

00:38:55 - What’s a standard day at forest school like? 

00:39:38 - Have you noticed Ellie now has a natural affinity for being outdoors? 

00:40:50 - Does Ellie consider being outside normal or being home more normal?
00:42:17 - Do you think having hiked the AT but not having a memory of it will be weird for Ellie? 

00:43:38 - Can you tell us about your family bike-packing? 

00:44:44 - How does bike-packing compare to hiking with a baby?

00:45:51 - Did you guys have to deal with terrible twos?

00:48:32 - Why did you prefer to ride at night on the Great Divide trip? 

00:49:00 - Did you ever see grizzly bears? 

00:49:19 - How long did the 2,800 miles take and how long was your average day? 

00:49:35 - What kind of mileage were you doing on the AT? 

00:50:01 - What’s your approach for the mileage you do on your trips? 

00:50:26 - How much did you sleep if you were trying to hike or ride while she sleeps?

00:51:03 - What’s a normal night of sleep for you guys? 

00:51:59 - How much does Ellie sleep on trips? 

00:53:08 - Was it easier to carry Ellie when she was asleep? 

00:54:12 - Tell us about the ambitions of your family moving forward with a second baby on the way!

00:55:11 - Do you think your kids will grow up differently because of their young experiences on trail? 

00:58:11 - Was it always a goal of yours with raising a kid to not be stuck to a rigid schedule?

00:59:24 - Does Ellie take it harder when you guys are away since she spent so much time with you at a young age? 

01:01:45 - What was Ellie’s first word? 

01:03:00 - Any advice for other parents? 

01:04:51 - Any staples to carry for the baby? 

01:06:50 - How much is a down jacket for a 1-year-old? 

01:07:07 - Do you have any brands in mind for babies? 

01:09:00 - Any parting words? 



The 2020 AT Section Hiker Survey: Motives and Logistics by Mariposa 

2021 PCT Long-distance Permits Will be Issued; Portal to Open January 19 by Kelly Floro 

Patent Pending: Guacarollie 

Horse Baby Facts  

Dad Q&A 

Toddler or Drunk Person? 

Triple Crown of NFL teams

  • Chaunce picks: Bills, Buccaneers, Rams 
  • Zachs picks: Chiefs, Packers, Saints 

Mail Bag 


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