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Backpacker Radio

Mar 25, 2024

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are bringing you another edition of Girl's Stuff! Today, Chaunce along with guest panelists, Rachael "Rabbit" Delano and Marie "Basecamp" Black answer your burning questions related to female-specific topics in the backcountry. Topics including the feasibility of bringing a vibrator, how to court a guy during a thru-hike (and advice for guys on how to do the courting), female urination devices, the Kula Cloth, what body parts get the razor treatment and which parts are neglected, managing a period on trail and birth control options, how to deal with fear and fear mongering, trail family dynamics, and much much more.

We wrap the show with the top stoves, filters, and rain gear from the AT, which is more exciting between new school supplies and new backpacking gear, the triple crown of nicknames that get your goat, and more.

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Panel with Rachel “Rabbit” Delano and Marie “Basecamp” Black

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:53 - Reminders: Apply to blog for the Trek or become a Trek Ambassador!

00:06:32 - Introducing Rachel

00:08:28 - Introducing Basecamp

00:13:27 - Should I bring my travel size vibrator?

00:21:30 - Discussion about pink blazing

00:29:50 - Is it a turnoff to be in a situation where you have to make the first move?

00:33:00 - Discussion about sharing a hotel bed

00:38:30 - What are your tells if you’re interested in someone on trail?

00:44:00 - Which is the better trail for hooking up?

00:48:15 - Do micro clues still apply on trail?

00:51:54 - What’s your strategy for managing periods on trail?

00:59:00 - Discussion about iron supplements

01:00:50 - How do you deal with feeling weak while on your period?

01:03:07 - Chaunce’s strategy

01:07:25 - Chaunce’s Foothills Trail story

01:20:20 - Anything else period related?

01:23:30 - Discussion about shaving

01:33:15 - Have you ever tried or used a pee funnel?

01:44:00 - How do you prevent UTIs on trail if you’re prone to them?

01:50:00 - Do you use Kula Cloths?

01:56:35 - Discussion about fear mongering

02:11:00 - Discussion about mansplaining

02:16:23 - How can girls be fearless on trail?

02:25:20 - Have your fears changed or lessened since you first started thru-hiking?

02:29:00 - How do you manage backpacking and hiking as a mom?

02:33:13 - How did you come to terms with the fact that your backpacking will forever be different?

02:35:00 - Are there ways to make the transition to motherhood smoother as a hiker?

02:37:57 - Do you find that people interact with you differently on trail?

02:39:00 - Would you advise couples Triple Crown before kids if that’s their goal?

02:41:38 - Discussion about girl relationships on trail

02:53:45 - What are the best bras for long hikes?

03:04:20 - Have you ever tasted your own milk?


Trek Propaganda: Top Stoves, Filters, Rain Gear, and More on the Appalachian Trail: 2023 Thru-Hiker Survey by Kate Richard

QOTD: What is better: brand new backpacking gear or new school supplies?

Triple Crown of names you don’t like being called

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