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Backpacker Radio

Apr 15, 2024

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Henry “Moose Juice” Lewis. In addition to hikes of the AT, Teton Crest Trail, Colorado Trail, and the PCT, Moose Juice spent a few seasons shaking down starry eyed aspiring thru-hikers at Mountain Crossings. Henry gives us a rundown of these hikes, the funniest stories from these shakedowns, including happening onto vibratos and guns, tips on how to fix a leaking inflatable sleeping pad, doing champagne shoey, and his terrifying encounter with an angry bull moose, which helped him earn his trail. 

We wrap the show with an argument for starting your AT hike on the Benton Mackaye Trail, why or why not a ghost and zombie can come from the same person, and the triple crown of non-obvious smartphone apps.

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Interview with Henry “Moose Juice” Lewis

Time stamps & Questions

00:03:45 - Reminders: Attend our live podcast in Denver next week! Apply to be a blogger for the Trek!

00:06:47 - Introducing Moose Juice

00:07:20 - Tell us about your champagne shoey

00:09:33 - Tell us the origin of your trail name

00:13:02 - Did you try to gain weight prior to the AT?

00:15:46 - We Love Love: Tell us about meeting your girlfriend on trail

00:19:50 - Why were you so oblivious to all the signs?

00:23:24 - Where did the AT and thru-hiking come onto your radar?

00:26:42 - Why did you choose to go southbound?

00:31:05 - How did starting with the Whites impact your mindset?

00:33:34 - Tell us your worst moment on the trail

00:36:40 - Discussion about packs

00:40:00 - Tell us about your experience working at Mountain Crossings

00:46:20 - Do they prepare you for working with tons of thru-hikers during the bubble?

00:47:48 - Are Mountain Crossings employees incentivized to sell gear?

00:50:00 - What can people do better while preparing to minimize needing to buy new gear during the hike?

00:52:30 - Is having a big personality a trait Mountain Crossings recruit for?

00:54:55 - Are there standout stories of people carrying outlandish things?

01:00:25 - Tell us about the Teton Crest Trail

01:08:09 - Tell us about the Colorado Trail

01:08:45 - When did you decide to hike the PCT?

01:12:06 - Did you hike all the way through the Sierra?

01:18:40 - Was she okay after going to the hospital?

01:19:55 - What is High Altitude Pulmonary Edema?

01:22:32 - Would you rather do the Sierra in high snow or low snow conditions?

01:24:54 - What were the highlights of the rest of the PCT?

01:26:24 - Tell us about your mountain lion encounter

01:31:12 - What are the steps for fixing an inflatable air pad hole?

01:34:00 - What’s the ideal start date for the AT?

01:37:25 - Kumo Question: Do you have any strange superstitions?


Impromptu Chaunce Poop Story

Trek Propaganda: The AT Is Crowded. Why Not Start Your Thru-Hike on the Benton Mackaye Trail Instead? by Kelly Floro

QOTD: Can a ghost and a zombie come from the same person?

Triple Crown of non-obvious apps on your phone

Patent Pending

Mail Bag

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