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Backpacker Radio

Mar 18, 2024

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Maggie Slepian aka Honey Badger. Maggie is the former Managing Editor at The Trek and their first full-time employee, a thru-hiker, and a prolific freelance writer and editor. We learn all about Maggie’s treks, including her hikes of the AT, Ouachita Trail, Colorado Trail, some recent postcard hikes in Madeira and Malta, and Maggie shares what it was like to have her first “failed” thru-hike attempt on the Arizona Trail. We also chat about nude modeling, what it’s like to have an article to mega-viral, and how misogyny in the backcountry has improved since her first thru-hike.

We wrap the show with some Hitchhiking Advice for Women, we learn how common or uncommon it is to be able to unfocus your eyesight on command, and the triple crown of one-hit wonder songs featuring Chaunce's boyfriend Garrett. 

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Interview with Maggie “Honey Badger” Slepian

Time stamps & Questions

00:05:05 - Reminders: Apply to blog for the Trek or become a Trek Ambassador and use code “gingerstuff” for an exclusive discount at the Trek’s store!

00:06:35 - Introducing Maggie

00:09:12 - How did you get involved with the Trek?

00:14:06 - Tell us about nude modeling

00:19:55 - How did the AT fall on your map?

00:21:25 - What gear did you bring on the AT for your first hike?

00:24:08 - Tell us about hiking the trail with a partner and the way people perceived you

00:28:45 - What were your top honey badger moments?

00:30:49 - How have you seen misogyny in the backcountry change over time?

00:37:08 - Are you more or less spicy in business or personally?

00:40:00 - Tell us about hiking the Ouachita Trail in 2020

00:46:19 - What considerations did you make when picking which direction to hike?

00:48:50 - What type of preparation did you do for the Ouachita Trail?

00:52:29 - Tell us the highlights of the Ouachita Trail

00:54:14 - Discussion of the Ouachita Trail logistics and resupplies

00:56:30 - Story about meeting Warren Doyle

00:58:27 - What’s the best season for this trail?

00:59:11 - What portions of the Oregon Coast Trail have you done?

01:01:01 - Any highlights from the Colorado Trail?

01:02:27 - Tell us about the Arizona Trail

01:06:39 - Discussion about sun poisoning

01:12:06 - Do you feel liberated because you quit the Arizona Trail?

01:17:27 - Tell us about Madeira

01:23:14 - How many of the hikes are approachable for someone with a fear of exposure?

01:24:18 - What other European treks did you do?

01:27:27 - Tell us about your most viral article

01:32:47 - What other articles of yours have gone viral?

01:37:00 - Discussion about being recognized in the real world

01:41:20 - How do you handle your privacy?

01:43:50 - What’s your experience with hunting?


Trek Propaganda: After 9,500 Miles on Trail, Here’s My Top Hitchhiking Advice for Women by Peg Leg

QOTD: Can you unfocus your eyesight on command?

Triple Crown of one hit wonder songs

Mail Bag

5 Star Review


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