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Backpacker Radio

May 12, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by legendary Appalachian Trail trail angel, Miss Janet. 

We learn about how cute boys was her gateway back to the trail in the 70s, the history of how people learned about and communicated around the trail, and why she's dedicated so much of her life to helping AT hikers.  We also touch on some hot button issues surrounding the trail, including when trail magic crosses the line, the impact of partying on the trail, and what she sees as a solution to the abundance of trash in some of the more popular areas.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of bad farts, Chaunce and I answer some listener questions, and who do you think you are? I am!

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Interview with Miss Janet

QOTD: What has been your best trail magic experience? Are fish worth it? 

00:16:21 - Pop Quiz - what year did Miss Janet and Badger meet? 

00:17:05 - Can you tell me about your upbringing and the confluence of getting involved with the AT? 
00:18:22 - Why were you afraid of the first hiker you saw on the AT? 

00:19:55 - Do you remember what year it was the first time you met an AT hiker? 

00:22:50 - What interesting things happened on the AT in 1985?

00:26:38 - Is your mom still in Erwin today? Is she still part of the AT experience? 

00:29:36 - What happens in between you being introduced to the AT and you opening  your own hostel?

00:32:30 - So you were surprised by the sheer amount of hikers when you moved back to Erwin?

00:36:14 - When you started your hostel were there enough hikers to support two hostels? 

00:40:35 - What year did you start your hostel?

00:41:08 - How did people know which hostel to go to in the late 90’s?

00:42:48 - Why were you banned from the email list?

00:47:56 - How many people drop out by the time they hit Mountain Crossing?

00:50:58 - What are people’s reasoning for not registering with the ATC?

00:54:55 - How do you calculate how many people are vlogging their AT hike? 

00:55:41 - Have you noticed that people are starting early and earlier every year? 

00:57:27 - Would you advocate for a daily cap on the AT like the PCT? 

01:01:03 - Can you talk about that photograph that came out last year with all the trash on Max Patch?

01:02:02 - Are there efforts made by trail angels to relay the importance of LNT?

01:04:58 - Don’t leave out styrofoam coolers if you aren’t coming back for them.

01:07:14 - What are your thoughts on the difference between trail magic and hiker feeds? 

01:14:06 - Have you noticed that at every major road crossing there’s so much trail magic that hikers have come to just expect it? 

01:17:37 - Have you noticed thru-hiker entitlement as time has gone on?

01:23:43 - How would you define the AT experience?

01:26:30 - How would you define what an AT thru-hike looks like? 

01:35:31 - is there any consistent theme to the gap between what people are expecting and what they end up actually experiencing? 

01:40:42 - How often do you end up being the AT therapist?

01:43:40 -How often do you think hikers get off because they are bored?

01:47:10 - Can you bridge the gap between Miss Janet’s hostel and the Miss Janet that trail angels up and down the AT?

01:49:30 - How much of the trail had you hiked prior to that? 

01:54:15 - Would you trade your hiking style for making it all the way to Katadhin?  

01:55:58 - How did you go from hostels to doing traveling trail angeling? 

01:58:00 - What is it about the trail that keeps you coming back? What is it that you love about the people and culture? 

02:09:17 - Where can people find Miss Janet? 


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