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Backpacker Radio

Jul 14, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are trying new things!  In lieu of an interview, myself alongside Chaunce and Sauce (Elise), cover some of the most common beginner backpacking mistakes.  Because we here at Backpacker Radio can occasionally steer off-topic, we wanted to experiment with an episode dedicated to what the show's title implies.  Backpacking stuff.  These pointers run the full spectrum, from massive mistakes, to minor gaffes.  Regardless of where you are in your backpacking evolution, we think you'll walk away from this one with some very useful insight.

But first.

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Panel with Elise (Sauce), Chaunce, and Zach

00:06:39 - QOTD: Is the left ball lower and your main child bearing ball? 

00:10:08 - We are going to Wisconsin!

00:13:11 - Mistake #1 from Zach: Not doing shakedown hikes

00:17:41 - A shakedown hike is more than just narrowing down your gear!

00:18:52 - Mistake #2 from Chaunce: Put your phone on airplane mode when you do practice hikes.

00:23:25 - Mistake #3 from Elise: Not knowing how to properly filter your water.

00:30:33 - Mistake #4 from Zach: Buying gear beyond your skill set/experience. 

00:40:52 - Mistake #5 from Chaunce: Being too firm on your hike and not allowing flexibility based on the elements.

00:50:00 - Mistake #6 from Elise: Research the gear that is right for YOU.

00:54:47 - Mistake #7 from Zach: Mental prep might be more important than any other kind of prep.

00:59:49 - Mistake #8 from Chaunce: Not practicing communicating with your sattelite device in multiple types of coverage.

01:06:27 - Mistake #9 from Elise: Trying to keep up with people above your fitness level.


No Segments! 


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