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Backpacker Radio

Oct 31, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, Badger, Chaunce, and Sauce give you the full recap of our recent Wisconsin Ice Age Trail Road Trip Extravaganza.  We give you a play-by-play of the highlights from the trail, town, the live events, and all the TMI inside stories and embarrassing moments in between.  Casual warning to listeners- you will walk away from this one wanting to hike the Ice Age Trail and/or gorge yourself on fried fish.

We wrap with a very brief segment discussing the new rebrand of Guthook Guides.

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Recap with Chaunce, Zach, and Elise 

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:52 - QOTD: What was your biggest surprise about Wisconsin? 

00:10:16 - Day 1 in Wisconsin 

00:11:28 - Meeting the Travel Wisconsin crew

00:12:11 - Starting the Ice Age Trail in St. Croix  

00:15:53 - Packing out Culvers every night 

00:17:40 - Sunsets, beavers, and WI elevation 

00:18:51 - Ice Age Trail history from Elise 

00:20:42 - Beaver stories

00:23:30 - Playing “Odds” 

00:27:02 - Breakfast in Cornell, WI 

00:29:40 - Ice Age Trail: Ringle Segment

00:32:04 - Zach drops spider in Elise’s bag 

00:35:54 - Night hiking 

00:40:56 - Ice Age Trail trailhead festivity 

00:41:25 - Playing “Odds” again 

00:44:55 - Hilltop Pub & Grill fish fry 

00:46:44 - What are the odds Zach would hike in a leather thong?

00:49:03 - Bohn Lake segment 

00:50:32 - Preparing for the Delafield Meet-up 

00:55:36 - Exploring Whitewater, WI

00:59:40 - Getting to know Elise better 

01:00:14 - Jabba joined the group

01:01:16 - Elisa tells Chaunce’s underwear story 

01:04:00 - Ice Age Trail: Blackhawk and Blue Spring Lake segment 

01:06:13 - Hiking Devil’s Lake 

01:11:44 - Car ferry on the Ice Age Trail 

01:12:38 - Exploring Lodi, WI 

01:13:32 - Live podcasting in Fitchburg, WI 

01:15:12 - What happened to Chaunce’s face? 

01:20:00 - Exploring downtown Madison, WI on Badge Game Day 

01:20:39 - Flying back to Denver 

01:22:44 - Recap wrap-up 



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