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Backpacker Radio

Nov 8, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we bring you our first ever LIVE podcast.  And by that, we mean it was live to the fine folks who joined us at the Hop Haus in Fitchburg, Wisconsin on October 15th.  There's no way to describe this episode other than...rowdy.  If you want to feel like you were in the room with us, we recommend grabbing a blue ribbon or two and maybe an old-fashioned to boot.  

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2021 AT Hikers: Take the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker Survey

Live episode with Chaunce, Zach, and special guest, Jabba

Time stamps & Questions

00:03:13- QOTD: What’s one thing from your childhood that you wish was still in full force today? 

00:04:09 - Reminders & thank you to Ice Age Trail Alliance 

00:05:03 - Episode Drinking Game: Any time you hear the words “hike” or “Wisconsin”, take a drink 

00:06:43 - Introducing the surprise guest

00:07:38 - Welcoming Jabba 

00:08:33 - Jabba’s elevator pitch 

00:11:10 - Explaining the Culver’s CurderBurger 

00:12:56 - What is the Ice Age Trail’s Mammoth Hiking Challenge? 

00:14:42 - Jabba and his full throttle approach  

00:15:57 - Can Chaunce spell “apropos”?

00:17:56 - Favorite moments from the Ice Age Trail

00:20:01 - Who knows the game of “Odds”?

00:22:14 - Is anyone familiar with the Lehigh Gap on the AT? 

00:23:26 - Chaunce is interested in thru-hiking the Ice Age Trail 

00:24:10 - Let’s show Elise some appreciation! 

00:25:58 - Would you rather have a magical van that could teleport you anywhere you want and time travel OR magically consume the knowledge of any book you touch? 

00:27:50 - Would you rather have an obsessive person love you OR hate you? 

00:30:25 - Would you rather be able to eat anything you want and have it be perfect nutrition OR sleep one hour a day and be fully rested 

00:31:40 - Which scenario would you want to be true: Jurassic Park Or Ghost Busters? 

00:32:35 - Would you rather fight a chicken barehanded every time you get into a car OR fight an orangutan with a sword once a year? 

00:35:00 - Hike Wisconsin! 

00:35:20 - What animal do you think would be your exact equal in a fight? 

00:36:26 - What is your definition of love?  

00:38:10 - Jabba’s Colorado trail story 

00:41:13 - What is the most suspicious thing to buy along with condoms? 

00:42:20 - Do you open a popsicle from the stick side or popsicle side? 

00:45:16 - Are hot dogs sandwiches? 

00:47:20 - Would you rather win a million dollars OR gain global citizenship? 

00:49:50 - Would you rather fight one hundred chicken sized horses OR one horse-sized chicken? 

00:54:55 - Let’s chat about the Hayduke 

00:57:57 - Who is working on the Mammoth Hike Challenge? 

00:58:11 - Who has completed the challenge? 

00:59:11 - Does everyone know who Scott Jurek is? 

01:02:11 - Does anyone know who’s face is part of the Mike Myers mask? 

01:03:30 - Let’s get back to Scott Jurek! 

01:04:20 - What went wrong with the FKT attempts? 

01:09:08 - At what point did you know you needed to go home? 

01:11:38 - Is anyone familiar with Scott Jurek’s book, North? 

01:13:31 - How do you convince your support team that you’re done? 

01:15:15 - Audience Q&A Time 

01:16:18 - What’s the longest you’ve been on a trail? 

01:17:27 - What was home to you at that time? 

01:19:48 - What do you listen to while you hike? What is your favorite Harry Styles song? 

01:30:20 - Do you think it’s easier to hike, go back to a job, and know what’s out there for you OR continue working a job that you aren’t pleased with, but not know the joy hiking could bring? 

01:32:25 - Tasha, blogger of The Trek, answers the above question 

01:35:40 - Introducing Pauly! 

01:37:48 - What is it like editing BPR? 

01:38:20 - When have you edited out something Jabba said or did? 

01:39:40 - What was the most painful episode to edit? 

01:40:40 - Do you actually enjoy listening to the podcast? 

01:42:42 - What nuances do you pick up on that the normal person wouldn’t pick up on? 

01:43:42 - What “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” clip did you add to the Fancy Feast episode? 



Triple Crown of Wisconsin Things

Get to know Mara 

Ice Age Trail Spotlight 


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