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Backpacker Radio

Feb 5, 2020

Today the Cinnamon Connection is joined by Wild Amanda aka Naps.  Naps is the only person I've met who's hiked the entire PCT with her dog, Frank.  We go down the rabbit hole on what it takes to thru-hike the PCT with a dog, including recommended gear, how she handled Frank's food and water, how she curtailed her hiking schedule to best suit Franks needs, and more.

Naps' PCT thru-hike was the ultimate display of Murphy's Law, as she dealt with a broken nose, plantar fasciitis, food poisoning, hiking induced heartburn, trench foot, heat rash, altitude sickness, and of course, some very solid poop stories, figuratively speaking.

We wrap up the show with the triple crown of Ben and Jerry's flavors, chips worth going to prison for, and another listener poop story.  

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