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Backpacker Radio

Feb 8, 2021

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Philip Carcia.  Have you heard of New Hampshire?  Because Philip has hiked it.  All of it.  Many times, in all different directions.  In addition to a handful of thru-hikes, Philip has completed the New Hampshire 48 Single Year Grid, the White Mountain Direttisima (twice), and White Mountain Redline FKT.  If you don't know what any of that means, good!  We will learn this together during our conversation.

We wrap up the show with some news from the ATC, a new snail themed Reddit Brain Buster, we get some intel on the hot spots along the Ice Age Trail, and it's cicada season!

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Interview with Philip Carcia

00:04:36 - QOTD:  A burglar breaks into your home, but he only wants the stuff on the top of your fridge. What is he going to steal?

00:07:45 - Intro to Philip Carcia 

00:10:16 - How did you get into hiking? 

00:14:20 - What was your upbringing like until 16 when you went on your first hike? 

00:16:22 - Did things snowball immediately after your first hike? 

00:24:12 - Tell us what the Single Year Grid is: Hiking all 48 4,000’ mountains every month for a year

00:34:30 - What are the logistics like getting in between each mountain? Is there a lot of driving in between, etc.?

00:38:52 - What makes it appealing to do the same hikes over and over again? 

00:43:51 - Fuck, Marry, Kill — the months of hiking in New England

00:47:46 - What’s the difference between the double single winter and a calendar grid? 

00:50:58 - Has anyone done the calendar or single year grid since? 

00:54:42 - Tell us about the Direttissima and how to pronounce it. 

01:00:28 - Is this route all on trail? Off-trail? Roads? 

01:03:32 - How steep are the trails that connect the 48?

01:09:58 - You hold a White Mountain Redline FKT — can you tell us what a White Mountain Redline is and about your experience? 

01:19:55 - This sounds like one of your most extensive White Mountain feats? 

01:20:15 - How intense is it to plan for a White Mountain Redline FKT? 

01:30:44 - What are the best of the 48 4,000’ mountains in New Hampshire? 

01:31:16 - What is the hardest of the 48 4,000’ mountains in New Hampshire? 

01:32:13 - What is the easiest of the 48 4,000’ mountains in New Hampshire? 

01:32:37 - If you could only do one of the 48 4,000’ mountains in New Hampshire for the rest of your life, which would it be? 

01:33:11 - What is the worst marked of the 48 4,000’ mountains in New Hampshire? 

01:33:49 - What is the most underrated of the 48 4,000’ mountains in New Hampshire? 

01:35:15 - What is the most overrated of the 48 4,000’ mountains in New Hampshire? 

01:38:33 - What is the best named 48 4,000’ mountains in New Hampshire? 

01:39:50 - What is a 48 4,000’ mountain in New Hampshire that you’d skip?

01:41:39 - Can you talk about the initiative you founded? 

01:47:00 - Where can people keep up with Summits in Solidarity? 

01:48:30 - Where do we find Philip? 



Trek Propaganda

Black Forest Trail Profile  by Troy Zohner

The ATC Will Not Recognize Thru-Hikers During Pandemic by Kelly Floro 

Minor Inconveniences 

Reddit Brain Buster 

  • After lightning strikes your garden, you gain the ability to communicate with snails and they follow your commands. What will you ask them to do?

Cicada Season 

Horse Fact from Erin Potter

  • Unlike humans who produce stomach acid when they ingest food, horses always produce stomach acid which makes it essential that they have something to eat so that they don’t develop ulcers.

Mail Bag 

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