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Backpacker Radio

May 9, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Carly Moree.  Carly is a thru-hiker, the co-author of Pacific Crest Trials, an OG Writer at The Trek, entrepreneur and a long time friend.  We chat about her transition from the cushy world of finance to backpacking, her personal pitfalls of getting into a relationship on the AT, some hilarious hallucinations during her JMT FKT attempt, and learn all about her new guiding company, Rocky Mountain Hiking Company.

We wrap the show with a brief overview of some of the top day hikes on the AT, some more details of our upcoming road trip, and a dad joke of the week.

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Photo credit: "Stephanie Weezer" (@stephlotus_ on IG)

Interview with Carly Moree

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:24 - QOTD: If you married to yourself, what would be the reason for the divorce?

00:05:54 - QOTD 2: What’s the correct amount to tip for pickup orders?

00:13:14 - BPR Announcements: Asheville Meetup at Hi-Wire Brewing May 11, 6:30pm, Trail Days: scavenger hunt, limited edition t-shirts

00:14:20 - Introducing Carly

00:16:08 - Tell us about your introduction into the world of thru-hiking.

00:18:15 - What’s your trail name origin story?

00:19:19 - Why don’t you want to date on trail anymore?

00:20:39 - What attracts you to someone while on trail?

00:22:48 - Tell us about getting Lyme disease.

00:25:44 - Where did you go after the AT?

00:26:41 - Tell us about the epiphany you had about the direction your career was going.

00:28:33 - Give us an example of a crazy moment from your finance job.

00:32:04 - Tell us about the transition from your job to the AT?

00:34:27 - Tell us about deciding to hike the PCT after the AT?

00:35:30 - Did you get any grief for skipping Pennsylvania?

00:36:50 - Discussion about big mile days on the PCT.

00:37:49 - What changes did you make when deciding to date a second person?

00:38:52 - Is there anything else you want to share from the PCT?

00:41:01 - Do you feel like you were drawn to Jennifer Pharr Davis for any other reasons?

00:44:13 - Discussion about co-authoring Pacific Crest Trials.

00:47:25 - Tell us how co-authoring the book has helped your dating life.

00:47:58 - Discussion about Reddit AMA.

00:49:38 - What was your life like after the PCT?

00:51:42 - Why did you only do Mount Sanitas?

00:52:35 - Tell us about starting your PCT FKT attempt.

00:54:44 - Was it weird that you were both going for the FKT?

00:55:42 - Tell us about transitioning from the PCT FKT to the JMT FKT?

00:57:48 - The FKT was a really important moment in your life, right?

00:58:53 - Doesn’t going through a breakup during lockdown suck?

01:01:00 - Discussion about training for the Grand Canyon run.

01:01:55 - What’s your hiking pace?

01:02:11 - What’s your aggressive hiking pace?

01:03:04 - Discussion about training for the JMT FKT.

01:04:33 - Did you plan the hike around a good weather window?

01:06:24 - Tell us the fun facts of the hike.

01:07:05 - What are the hallucinations and did you realize you were hallucinating?

01:14:03 - How do you know what you thought was real was actually real?

01:16:02 - Discussion about the end of the FKT attempt.

01:17:26 - Why do you think you couldn’t feel anything until you decided to end the attempt?

01:17:58 - Discussion about getting off the trail.

01:20:38 - Discussion about getting lost and deciding to press SOS.

01:22:39 - Discussion about the SAR suitors.

01:26:18 - You had to pay for the SOS rescue?

01:27:13 - What did the rescue cost?

01:27:55 - You seemed way too comfortable with hallucinating - were you scared?

01:30:18 - Do you have any advice for the Tahoe Rim Trail?

01:32:41 - Anything else from the Tahoe Rim Trail?

01:33:40 - Tell us about your company.

01:35:40 - When did you start the company?

01:37:11 - Who is the target market for your guided hikes?

01:38:37 - How many trips have you guided so far?

01:39:08 - What are some of the challenges of running a guiding company?

01:40:28 - Who’s the other guide?

01:42:25 - When is your Death Valley trip?

01:43:25 - What has been the biggest surprise in starting the company?

01:45:20 - How does hiring and paying guides work?

01:47:25 - Is it just a three person team right now?

01:48:48 - Tell us about the workshops.

01:50:00 - Tell us about the coaching element of the company.

01:53:30 - Anything else we should know about Rocky Mountain Hiking Company?

01:54:05 - Thank you!


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