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Backpacker Radio

Sep 19, 2022

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, brought to you by Minus33, we are joined by Kraig Adams. Kraig has accumulated more than 700,000 YouTube subscribers while showcasing his adventures from around the world, including Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand, Adirondack High Peaks, Tour Du Mont Blanc Loop in France, Santa Cruz Trek in Peru, Torres del Paine in Chile, Kesugi Ridge Trail in Alaska, Sawtooth Loop Trail in Idaho, just to name a few. We learn how Kraig got into the world of video blogging, how he's turned it into a full time profession, his favorite and least favorite hikes domestically and abroad, what advice he'd offer to aspiring worldly travelers, how and why he maintains a life of minimalism, and much more.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of things that you aren’t superstitious about but may be a little-sticious about, a guide to edible berries along the PCT, and another update from MG!

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Interview with Kraig Adams

Time stamps & Questions

00:03:03 - QOTD: What’s a sport that no matter the skill level, you don’t find impressive at all?

00:07:23 - Reminders: Apply to be the Trek’s Youtube personality!

00:07:29 - Introducing Kraig

00:08:20 - Tell us about your background.

00:09:57 - Discussion about initial filmmaking in NYC. 

00:11:45 - What’s your benchmark for a successful video today?

00:12:57 - What’s the inspiration for your video style?

00:14:34 - Are you using backpacking as a means to travel or travel as a means to backpack?

00:16:06 - Tell us your hiking resume.

00:17:54 - Does it feel like work for you?

00:18:52 - Do you ever hike with your dog?

00:20:00 - What goes into planning a trip for you?

00:23:35 - Would you say your priority is more the video product or your own experience?

00:25:07 - How do you balance your work and home life?

00:27:02 - How does being a minimalist impact the decisions you make while traveling?

00:29:09 - How does minimalism influence your physical belongings?

00:30:48 - Is your wife a minimalist?

00:34:10 - Discussion about Big Bend

00:34:50 - What are your top three favorite US hikes?

00:35:47 - What are your top three favorite international hikes?

00:37:31 - How was your most recent Tour du Mont Blanc?

00:38:05 - What is it like to do a trip with subscribers?

00:42:10 - Do you get recognized a lot?

00:43:02 - Do you have any stories about trips going awry?

00:45:57 - How do you prepare for camping alone in Alaska?

00:47:15 - Discussion about navigation

00:48:30 - Hike superlatives

00:53:15 - What tips do you have about the Sawtooth Loop?

00:54:03 - What international hike would you recommend for beginners?

00:55:32 - Which trail has the best wildlife?

00:57:08 - What’s your fear level?

01:00:14 - Do you have any other travel tips and tricks?

01:03:03 - What are some primary/secondary hike pairs?

01:05:06 - Tell us about your camera gear and video process.

01:08:27 - Is there one component that accounts for the majority of your revenue?

01:11:09 - Discussion about brand partnerships

01:13:20 - Where can people follow you?


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Triple Crown of things you aren’t superstitious about but are maybe a little-stitious about

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